Unmanned Systems Technology 022 | XOcean XO-450 l Radar systems l Space vehicles insight l Small Robot l BMPower FCPS l Prismatic HALE UAV l InterDrone 2018 show report l UpVision l Navigation systems

Cover 1
Contents 3
Intro 4
Platform one: Mission-critical info 6
In conversation: John Vernon 18
Dossier: XOcean XO-450 22
Focus: Radar systems 34
Insight: Space systems 44
Digest: The Small Robot Company 50
Dossier: BMPower fuel cell system 56
Digest: Prismatic HALE UAV 68
Show report: InterDrone 2018 74
In operation: UpVision 82
Focus: Navigation systems 88
PS: UAVs and blockchain 98