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74 T he International Drone Conference & Exposition, or InterDrone, takes place at the end of every summer in the Rio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. The 2018 show drew more than 150 UAV technology and services companies – experts in sectors ranging from mining to the movies – and more than 3500 visitors, from across the world. Hitec showcased a range of lightweight survey UAVs, including its Xeno FX, which is derived from a lighter ‘hobby’ type model and modified towards more commercial-grade capabilities such as a 60-minute endurance and a cruising speed range of 43-72 kph. “It shares a 124.5 cm wingspan and similar planform with the original Xeno, but we’ve worked to eliminate moulding marks to ensure the aerodynamics of the Elapor foam body are as clean as possible,” explained Eric Maglio from Straight Up Imaging, Hitec’s partner on the UAV. Its blended-wing aerofoil was also redesigned with a new twist distribution to improve stability and energy efficiency at cruise, and the ‘fuselage’ has been enlarged to provide space for a larger dorsal smart battery and to design in a ventral payload bay for photogrammetry. Up to 675 acres can be surveyed per flight with a compatible payload such as a 12 MP Mapir Survey3 or 14.4 MP Mapir Kernel camera. Multi-spectral payload options such as the Parrot Sequoia are also planned. Intelligent Energy unveiled its productionised 800 W UAV fuel cell power module, designed as a turnkey solution with integrated control and cooling systems for small UAVs seeking longer flight times Rory Jackson reports from this prestigious North American UAV exhibition Commercial break October/November 2018 | Unmanned Systems Technology More than 150 exhibitors attended InterDrone, with a host of new UAVs and technologies being unveiled for the first time (Courtesy of Emerald Expositions)