Cup Race Technology: Volume 3 Cup Race Technology: Volume 4 73 raceengine TECHNOLOGY SPECIALREPORT CUPRACETECHNOLOGY2012 A special report USA$50,UK £20,EUROPE e 35 DRIVER ENGINEERING Finding the elusive winning edge TECHNOLOGY FOCUS NASCAR brakes and chassis uncovered IN THE DRAFT Superspeedway engineering investigated 01CRTv3 3.indd 1 20/02/2012 13:20 raceengine TECHNOLOGY SPECIALREPORT CUPRACETECHNOLOGY2013 A special report USA$50,UK £20,EUROPE e 35 KNOWLEDGE IS POWER LIVE WIRES Electronics and fuel transfer systems investigated The role of data logging in stockcar racing THE NEXT GENERATION Ford’s new Fusion 01CRTv4COVER.indd 1 21/02/2013 15:38 Profile: Red Horse Racing Truck Jeff Huneycutt investigates what it takes to make a competitive Camping World truck Insight: Superspeedway engineering H.A Mergen looks at the unique challenges of beating the pack on the superspeedways Focus: Suspension NASCAR’s may be primitive but it doesn’t prevent engineers using every trick and technology to make them turn Insight: Fuel Injection The faithful four-barrel has bitten the dust. Wayne Ward investigates the challenges fuel injection presents teams Special Investigation: Engineering the driver The car is perfect, the track is perfect, there is only one place left to find those elusive tenths. Ronn Langford looks at engineering the driver Focus: Brakes NASCAR’s are notoriously under braked, what can brake manufacturers do to improve stopping power and remain inside the regulations? Technology Review The latest technological developments in Stockcar racing Profile: Roush Fenway Racing Nationwide Ford Mustang Lawrence Butcher looks at the tie-up between Ford and Roush Fenway Racing, charting development of the Mustang for the Nationwide series Insight: Data Logging Lawrence Butcher looks into the methods and tools NASCAR teams use to offset the lack of data acquisition under race conditions Focus: Electronics Wiring systems in NASCAR have changed almost beyond recognition in the past few years. We find out how and why Profile: 2013 Ford Fusion Lawrence Butcher charts the development of the new Gen 6 Ford Fusion Sprint Cup car, which combines parity of perfor- mance with brand identity Focus: Fuel supply systems NASCAR fuel systems are more advanced than many might think Tech Review What new components and technologies can NASCAR engineers look forward to in the medium term? Race Technology Reports