BIBG Cup Race Technology: Volume 5 Cup Race Technology: Volume 6 74 BLACK DOUGHNUTS TECH FOCUS Aerodynamics and manufacturing investigated Tire construction and modelling A annual report USA$40,UK £20,EUROPE e 30 HARD CHARGING Chevy’s Gen 6 SS ENCOMPASSINGALLASPHALT&DIRTSTOCKCARRACING 01CRTv5COVER.indd 1 28/02/2014 12:17 HARD HITTING TECHNICAL INSIGHT Off track test systems New NASCAR driver-in-the-loop simulator Championship winning BriSCA F1 in detail A annual report USA$40,UK £20,EUROPE e 30 ENCOMPASSINGALLASPHALT&DIRTSTOCKCARRACING KEEP ON TRUCKING The story behind Toyota’s dominant 2014 Tundra Dossier: Chevy SS Lawrence Butcher charts the development of GM’s latest Cup entrant Insight: Aero Despite tight controls, Cup engineers can still find gains in aero performance, as Lawrence Butcher explains Digest: Dirt Super Late Model An insight into the technology of dirt racing Focus: Manufacturing Lawrence Butcher investigates the resources and equipment teams in NASCAR use to get their cars from drawing board to grid Tech Review Lawrence Butcher looks at the latest component developments in NASCAR, and some from outside the sport with potential stockcar applications Insight: Tires Dr Diandra Leslie Pelecky gets under the skin of the Cup tire to find technology of surprising complexity Paddock NASCAR has made its system of penalties for rule-breakers simpler and more consistent. Dossier: Kyle Busch Motorsport Toyota Tundra Lawrence Butcher talks to Jerry Baxter about Toyota’s dominant Truck Focus: Off-Track Testing Test rigs and systems investigated Profile: Tom Harris Brisca F1 The toughest stockcars in the world under the spotlight Focus: Fluid Systems Fluid transfer and cooling systems dissected Insight: Driver in the Loop Simulation The latest development in stockcar vehicle simulation explained Insight: CFD A revolutionary new CFD code that removes the need for user generated meshes PS: Winds of Change Is a composite stockcar a realistic proposition? Race Technology Reports