BIBG Cup Race Technology: Volume 1 Cup Race Technology: Volume 2 72 race engine TECHNOLOGY SPECIALREPORT CUPRACETECHNOLOGY2007/2008 technology A special report USA $50,UK£20,EUROPE e 35 SHOCK PROGRESS Engineering at the bump stops CAR OF TOMORROW How to engineer it to be fast today! INSIDE HENDRICK NASCAR’s top Chevrolet exposed CUP race PLUS Transmission Chassis Engine secrets 00_CUPRACE_CoverFINALFINAL *.i1 1 16/11/07 13:12:49 raceengine TECHNOLOGY SPECIALREPORT CUPRACETECHNOLOGY2010/2011 A special report USA $50,UK £20,EUROPE e 35 CUP RACE ENGINEERING The secrets of the pros RACING THE CAR OF TOMORROW Driver and crew chief insights NASCAR TECH EXCLUSIVE Under the skin of the MWR Toyota 01CRTv2.indd 1 23/11/2010 21:19 Profile: The Hendrick Chevrolet What lies under the skin of the best Chevrolets in NASCAR? We asked Hendrick Motorsport’s Rex Stump Focus: CoT Corners The Car of Tomorrow is running on its bump stops, bringing a new challenge to shock absorber suppliers such as Penske Focus: CoT Transmission Gearbox, driveshaft and rear end Insight: Engineering the Toyota Getting to grips with the new shape of NASCAR Focus: CoT Fluid Systems Coolers, fuel and oil systems Dossier: CoT Engines Inside NASCAR Cup engines Grid NASCAR Techno Topics PS: At The Wheel From the cockpit today and yesterday Insight: NASCAR Engineering Tools What tools are available to COT engineers for off-track testing and development? Anatomy: The MWR Toyota We tear down the Michael Waltrip Racing NASCAR Cup Car of Tomorrow Focus: CoT Aerodynamics How NASCAR teams test and improve the aerodynamics of the COT Focus: Engineering the CoT V8 NASCAR teams are translating the rules into new engine designs and development Focus: CoT Transmission Despite the rules there is still plenty of scope for gearbox development Insight: Driving The CoT How NASCAR drivers adjust driving styles and car set-ups for the various circuits Grid The advent of fuel injection in NASCAR PS: Putting on the Brakes Brake systems aren’t an issue at NASCAR circuits – with one exception Race Technology Reports