BIBG Race Engine Technology Issue 01: Summer 2003 Issue 02: Autumn 2003 4 Insight: The Formula One Engine Grand Prix technology from the DFV to 2003 Profile: Comptech Chevy Indy V8 Inside an engine that won the pole at Indy Musings: Carroll Smith A chassis guru’s views on engine builders Insight: Sachs Formula One Clutch The development of a flyweight clutch Profile: IES JIV6 The design of a wide-angle Le Mans engine State of the Art: Bosch Direct Injection How direct injection came to the Le Mans race Profile: Cosworth XFE The development of a high-mileage V8 for CART Classic Engine: Mercedes-Benz 500I Inside the ultimate Indianapolis pushrod V8 Insight: Advanced Digital Manufacturing Technology that will revolutionise engines Interview: Jack Sparks The boss of Carrillo on con rod technology Profile: Bentley Le Mans Engine The anatomy of the heart of the 2003 Le Mans-winning Bentley EXP Speed 8 State Of The Art: FSI Direct Injection Details of how FSI came to Le Mans Profile: Prodrive Ferrari Le Mans Engine How a Ferrari V12 privately developed in the UK overthrew the might of Detroit Special Investigation: Intake Design Part 1 How to design around mandatory air restrictors Profile: Chevrolet Gen III IRL Engine The problems that beset the 2003 GM V8 Interview: Lee White, TRD Talking to Toyota’s US race engine boss Profile: NME Hillclimb Engine How an ex-CART V8 is flourishing on the hills Classic Engine: Auto Union V16 Inside the supercharged Grand Prix great, Karl Ludvigsen analyses the glory days of the 16-cylinder engine