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THE COMMUNICATIONS HUBOF THE RACING POWERTRAINWORLD MATTBIENEMAN: BigBlockbetterment JANUARY 2023 UK £15,US/CN$25,EUROPE e 22 www.highpowermedia.com NITROMETHANETWINNING Sungurtekin’s LSR Triumphs RACEENGINE LIFELINE? Focus on sustainable fuels PIPO INTO THECLOUDS The challenge of hillclimbing ISSUE017 | JAN/FEB2023 UK£15 USA$30 EUROPE€22 E-MOBILITY ENGINEERING THE COMMUNICATIONS HUB OF THE ELECTRIFIED POWERTRAIN Gentle probing Nottoohot, nottoocold Non-destructivewaysof testingEVbatteries Thermalmanagementsolutions forEVbatterychargingandsafety Sites of the future ECE’sworkonelectrifying Doosanexcavators 4 February/March 2023 | Uncrewed Systems Technology Intro | February/March 2023 One consequence of themove to driverless cars has been somewhat unexpected. The growing use of driverless cars in San Francisco for commercial taxi services has led to an increase in call-outs for the emergency services. That should come as a surprise, as autonomous systems are developed to be safer for passengers as well as pedestrians. Ironically, the growth in call-outs to the fire and ambulance services is a direct result of passengers feeling safe and secure – so much so that they have fallen asleep and can’t be roused. The vehicles then notify their remote operators that their passengers are flat out in the back, as they would on a bus. Again, this an indicator of the safety of the system, but the remote operators cannot wake them over the remote link, and have had to call an ambulance and fire engine instead. With multiple technology announcements at the recent Consumer Electronics Show on driverless technologies (see page 76), our focus on 5G connectivity (page 38) and our interview with Jarno Puff of LikeAbird on page 20, perhaps the time has come to pay more attention to the technology inside the vehicle to wake up customers who have become too comfortable. Nick Flaherty | Technology Editor Wake-up calls Readallback issuesonline www.ust-media.com UST48 :FEB/MAR2023 UK£15,USA$30,EUROPE€22 Networknews How5G isbeingdeployed foruncrewedsystems Rechargeaccount The latestadvances in solarpower technology In for the long haul KodiakRobotics’autonomous solution for theUS logistics industry Editorial Director Ian Bamsey Deputy Editor Rory Jackson Technology Editor Nick Flaherty Production Editor Guy Richards Contributor Peter Donaldson Technical Consultants Paul Weighell Ian Williams-Wynn Dr Donough Wilson Prof James Scanlan Design Andrew Metcalfe andrew@highpowermedia.com UST Ad Sales Please direct all enquiries to Freya Williams freya@ust-media.com Subscriptions Frankie Robins frankie@ust-media.com Publishing Director Simon Moss simon@ust-media.com General Manager Chris Perry The USE network Having now provided several enterprises around the world with the support and connections they need to implement efficient and sustainable technological solutions, we’re keen to continue expanding this free service. If the uncrewed vehicle and/or system you’re working on could benefit from some independent advice, from engineers specialising in the appropriate field, then please do get in touch. Email your question/challenge/dilemma/predicament to thenetwork@uncrewedsystemsengineering.com or visit www.uncrewedsystemsengineering.com and raise a case with us. All questions will be treated in the strictest confidence, and there’s no obligation whatsoever to follow any recommendations made. Volume Nine | Issue Two February/March 2023 High Power Media Limited Whitfield House, Cheddar Road, Wedmore, Somerset, BS28 4EJ, England Tel: +44 (0)1934 713957 www.highpowermedia.com ISSN 2753-6513 Printed in Great Britain ©High Power Media All rights reserved. Reproduction (in whole or in part) of any article or illustration without the written permission of the publisher is strictly prohibited. While care is taken to ensure the accuracy of information herein, the publisher can accept no liability for errors or omissions. Nor can responsibility be accepted for the content of any advertisement. SUBSCRIPTIONS Subscriptions are available from High Power Media at the address above or directly from our website. Overseas copies are sent via air mail. 1 year subscription – 15% discount: UK – £75; Europe – £90 USA – £93.75; ROW – £97.50 2 year subscription – 25% discount: UK – £135; Europe – £162 USA – £168.75; ROW – £175.50 Make cheques payable to High Power Media. Visa, Mastercard, Amex and UK Maestro accepted. Quote card number and expiry date (also issue/start date for Maestro) ALSO FROMHPM