Uncrewed Systems Technology 048 | Kodiak Driver | 5G focus | Tiburon USV | Skypersonic Skycopter and Skyrover | CES 2023 | Limbach L 2400 DX and L 550 EFG | NXInnovation NX 100 Enviro | Solar power focus | Protegimus Protection

3 February/March 2023 | Contents Uncrewed Systems Technology | February/March 2023 24 04 Intro Asleep at the wheel? In California, passengers in driverless taxis are nodding off in the back, leading to a growth in 911 call-outs 06 Platformone: Mission-critical info ZF unveils an SAE Level 4 shuttle for mixed urban traffic, Flowcopter develops a UAV that can lift 150 kg, rFpro uses ray tracing to test vehicle sensors, and much more 20 In conversation: Jarno Puff LikeAbird’s CTO gives his view of the issues surrounding the design and delivery of UAV cellular comms and solutions 24 Dossier: Kodiak Driver The US logistics industry is facing a dire shortage of truck drivers, which this autonomous system is designed to address 38 Focus: 5G networks Uncrewed systems of all kinds are now adopting 5G technology thanks to the emergence of network-specific standards 48 Digest: SWL Robotics Tiburon Everglades-style airboat propulsion enables this USV to carry out surveys where other marine craft simply cannot go 58 Insight: UUVs A station-keeping capability is becoming the new trend for UUVs, and that is driving a special range of innovations 68 In operation: Skypersonic Skycopter NASA is using this UAV, and the company’s Skyrover UGV, to train astronauts in uncrewed vehicle control on Mars 76 Show report: CES 2023 Innovations in uncrewed perception, navigation and transport were among the highlights at this year’s show 82 Dossier: Limbach 2400 DX and 550 EFG UAVs are becoming bigger, heavier and more power-hungry, so they need propulsion that offers higher torque, a need this company is meeting with these latest engines 94 In operation: NXInnovation 100 Enviro This autonomous electric USV is already proven in cleaning up litter and spills in urban waters; it’s portable and low-cost too 100 Focus: Solar power PV technology is now accessible to smaller companies, and it can enhance the performance of uncrewed systems as well 108 In operation: Protegimus Protection We look at how this company uses UAVs to maintain the security and safety of large construction, logistics and other sites 114 PS: Internet of quantumUAVs? The science of quantum computing in UAVs is moving from science fiction to science fact thanks to some recent research 38 94 68 108