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64 A fter three years of being kept away by the coronavirus pandemic, Uncrewed Systems Technology returned to Las Vegas for the Commercial UAV Expo Americas from September 6 to 8. This year’s show set new records. It hosted 232 exhibitors and 3405 verified professionals, as well as more than 4100 registrants from 60 countries and 48 US states – a hefty increase over pre-Covid attendance figures. Eager to show their r&d from the past few years, exhibitors and attendees alike pitched and discussed a plethora of new uncrewed systems and subsystems across the show floor at Caesar’s Forum, a selection of which follows here. Flyability showcased its Elios 3, the latest iteration of its cage-protected indoor inspection multi-rotor. The system was unveiled earlier this year, is available for pre-order, and is expected to start shipping within the next few months. “The third-gen system has a few noticeable differences versus the older Elios 2,” said Zacc Dukowitz. “The biggest thing is that it now has a Lidar mounted, an Ouster OS0-32, which allows 3D modelling. “The UAV is flown using Flyaware, a proprietary SLAM engine, so it uses the Lidar data to navigate and sit still with better stability than our previous aircraft. That also means the 3D world model is being constructed in real time, visible to the GCS and enabling operators to locate the UAV no matter where it is in the asset they’re inspecting or mapping.” The Lidar data can also be post- processed for survey-grade analytics via GeoSLAM Connect. The Elios 3 has an MTOW of 2.5 kg and a flight time of just over 9 minutes with the Lidar payload installed. It runs on an Nvidia Xavier NX computer running a Linux OS, and is powered by a 6S, 99.2 Wh lithium-polymer battery. “And while the carbon-Kevlar cage has been kept mainly the same, the propellers are now ducted, which helps direct dust through and away from the fans,” Dukowitz added. “The Elios 2 Rory Jackson picks out some highlights from this show, which after its pandemic- enforced hiatus drew record attendances Back with a bang October/November 2022 | Uncrewed Systems Technology The 2022 Commercial UAV Expo Americas hosted 232 exhibitors and 3405 verified professionals at Caesar’s Forum in Las Vegas, with more than 4100 registrants from 60 countries