Uncrewed Systems Technology 046

Robot Aviation SkyView GCS™ ONE SOFTWARE FOR ALL UNMANNED NATO STANAG 4586 MULTI-VEHICLE & PAYLOAD CONTROL ADVANCED & CUSTOMIZABLE FIELD PROVEN & SAFE MAVLINK COMPLIANT DEVELOPER KIT AVAILABLE www.robotaviation.com Rhotheta WHEN ELT LOCATION COUNTS... RHOTHETA RADIO DIRECTION FINDERS ESSENTIAL TOOLS FOR SEARCH-AND-RESCUE ON AIR AND GROUND Track and Locate ELTs & PLBs on 121.5 MHz, 243.0 MHz, COSPAS-SARSAT channels RT-600 Airborne RDF Standard 4.4-Ibs and Light 2.8-Ibs versions RS485, 12 to 35 VDC, 200 mA @12V, 6.2°x6.2°x7.3" Radio Link RS485 DF Data + Audio Serial/IP Converter RT-600 REMOTE CONTROL STATION Serial/IP Converter DF Data + Audio Radio Link DF Commander™ Windows App smartDF™ iPadOS App RT-400 Vehicle RT-400 Manpack DF Scout™ Android App RT-400 Portable RDF Vehicle and manpack kits and accessories available Wireless connectivity between tablet and DF sensor Rhotheta International Inc +1 (954) 495-8700 www.rhothetaint.com esg.de Successful flight trials on video Enabler for enhanced UAV operations » Avionic system-independent error detection and deployment » Highly reliable, automatic trigger system » Pyrotechnic-free parachute ejection » For 25-500kg MTOW, retrofittable » SORA-approved LTF 2-366-17 certification and DAL C design SMART DRONE RESCUE SYSTEM YOUR BENEFITS » Protect UAVs, equipment and people on the ground » Gain up to 2 risk mitigation credits in SORA » Enable new, unique, and high-risk BVLOS UAV operations. D-013_valAIRion_190x136_RZ20220916.indd 1 19.09.22 07:51