Issue 39 Unmanned Systems Technology August/September 2021 Maritime Robotics Mariner l Simulation tools focus l MRS MR-10 and MR-20 l UAVs insight l HFE International GenPod l Exotec Skypod l Autopilots focus l Aquaai Mazu

92 A s climate change continues to have dramatic effects on weather patterns, ecosystems, rivers and so on around the world, developing new ways to monitor and study their impacts – while conducting sustainable aquatic business – is critical to devising ways to mitigate them. Aquaai has developed a solution with a highly unusual architecture for such monitoring, which has seen particular uptake in the aquaculture market. Its UUV is a biomimetic, fishlike ‘soft robot’ with an elastic outer structure, which achieves several key targets. “Our system is designed to reduce the expense of collecting and tracking environmental data, by providing an affordable risk management tool for ‘blue economy’ players,” says Liane Thompson, CEO of Aquaai. “These could include port operators, first responders in disaster scenarios such as flooding, ocean research and conservation, monitoring Marine Protected Areas or to help prevent Rory Jackson reports on why this biomimetic UUV is proving popular among ‘blue economy’ businesses In the swim August/September 2021 | Unmanned Systems Technology