Issue 39 Unmanned Systems Technology August/September 2021 Maritime Robotics Mariner l Simulation tools focus l MRS MR-10 and MR-20 l UAVs insight l HFE International GenPod l Exotec Skypod l Autopilots focus l Aquaai Mazu

91 Autopilots | Focus expected to rise in prominence among defence-facing autopilot manufacturers – indeed, the US Defence Innovation Unit for example cites it explicitly regarding the software development for its short-range reconnaissance UAVs, setting a clear precedent for future autopilot architectures. Future trends In addition to improved security features, future generations of autopilots can be expected to benefit from a range of scientific advances. As well as new types of IMUs and other sensors that can operate with higher accuracies and lower costs and calibration times than ever, the ability to localise without the aid of GNSS might soon be a critical requirement for defence and urban autonomous systems. Trials of new flight control systems incorporating visual, radar or other referencing technologies should be expected to increase in the years ahead. Whether productionisation or certification will follow though is another matter. Acknowledgements The author would like to thank Philip Rowse at CubePilot, Thomas Gubler and Laurent Zimmerli at Auterion, Simon Muderack, James Scanlan and Joe Roberts at Distributed Avionics, Michael Allen, Patrick Bettale and Marius Niculescu at Applied Navigation, Kevin Hunt at Collins Aerospace, Javier Espuch at Embention, Christian Ramsey at uAvionix, Rob Hettler and Craig Williams at Asymmetric Technologies, Ben Wilkinson at 3DXR, and Miguel Angel de Frutos at UAV Navigation for their help with researching this article. Unmanned Systems Technology | August/September 2021 AUSTRALIA CubePilot – FRANCE Hionos – ITALY SIEL +39 11 681 3840 SPAIN Airelectronics +34 608 991 152 Embention +34 965 115 421 UAV Navigation +34 91 657 2723 SWEDEN UAS Europe +46 13560 2240 UK 3DXR +44 17 4890 5089 Distributed Avionics – SkyCircuits +44 23 8098 7475 Sky-Drones – USA Applied Navigation +1 503 329 3126 Asymmetric Technologies +1 614 725 5310 Auterion – Collins Aerospace +1 704 423 7000 Hoverfly Technologies +1 407 985 4500 Lockheed Martin Procerus Tech +1 801 788 3200 MicroPilot +1 204 818 0598 Robota +1 925 388 6267 uAvionix +1 844 827 2372 Some examples of autopilot/flight controller manufacturers & suppliers