BIBG Drag Race Technology: Volume 1 Drag Race Technology: Volume 2 78 race engine TECHNOLOGY SPECIALREPORT DRAGRACETECHNOLOGYVOLUMEONE A special report USA $40,UK £20,EUROPE e 30 PRO STOCK ENGINEERING Car and Motorcycle tech HOW TO MAKE 7,000 BHP Inside a Top Fuel engine ANATOMY OF A FUNNY CAR 300 MPH performance secrets DRAG race 00DRAGRACETECH_Cover.indd 1 20/11/08 10:01:29 raceengine TECHNOLOGY SPECIALREPORT DRAGRACETECHNOLOGY2011 A special report USA$40,UK £20,EUROPE e 30 THE CONTINENTAL WAY A European approach to Pro Mod TECHNICAL FOCUS Chassis and transmission technology uncovered FASTEST OF THE FAST Inside America’s quickest Funny Car 01_DRT2011.indd 1 10/11/2011 14:59 Profile: Top Fuel Engines What it takes to push out 7,000 horsepower Profile: Pro Stock Motorcycles Steve Tartaglia keeps DSR on track Insight: Funny Car Chassis Working to combine safety with speed Insight: Crew Chief Wisdom What does it take to be a top crew chief in the premier categories of NHRA drag racing? Anne Proffit finds out Insight: Pro Stock Cars The power of painstaking precision Focus: The Sportsman Categories Where ingenuity means more than money Profile: Running A Top Fuel Car Getting ready for the Big Go Report: Drag Racing Worldwide An investigation into the explosion of interest in drag racing across the globe Grid Hot issues and innovation PS: The Spirit Of Drag A whiff of nostalgia Profile: Die Hard DSR Funny Car Don Schumacher Racing made the first NHRA Funny Car pass in under four seconds. Jeff Huneycutt reports on how they did it •Insight: Top Fuel Engines Oliver Allan looks at the development of the Top Fuel dragster engine from a Formula One perspective Profile: Studebaker Pro Mod Daniel Cooper finds out what went in to making Andy Robinson’s Studebaker so successful on the drag race circuit Focus: Chassis Lawrence Butcher takes an in-depth look at what it takes to design and build modern dragster and Funny Car chassis Profile: Pro Stock Suzuki GSX-R Anne Proffit finds out how one Louisiana family won the Pro Stock Motorcycle competition – with its youngest champion ever Focus: Transmissions Lawrence Butcher examines some of the transmission technology in drag racing’s most popular classes Review: Technology Development Lawrence Butcher details some of the aspects of drag racing hardware that have seen improvements in recent years Drag Race Technology Directory Race Technology Reports