F1 Race Technology: Volume 3 F1 Race Technology: Volume 4 Race Technology Reports 61 race engine TECHNOLOGY SPECIALREPORT F1RACETECHNOLOGY 2009/2010 A special report USA $50,UK£20,EUROPE e 35 THE 2009 AERO REVOLUTION SECRETS OF THE NEW KERS FERRARI: CHAMPION CONSTRUCTOR PLUS Inerter insight Brake technology The Grand Prix paddock F1 race 00_F1RTR_09_Cover.indd 1 7/4/09 10:26:45 race engine TECHNOLOGY SPECIALREPORT F1RACETECHNOLOGY2010/2011 A special report USA $50,UK £20,EUROPE e 35 WIND TUNNEL OR CFD Is change afoot? RADICAL RED BULL Newey’s risk taking BRAWN TO MERCEDES The Arrow flies PLUS Exhaust tech Composite tech Advanced data acquisition F1 race 00_F1RTR_2010_Cover.indd 1 6/4/10 22:36:04 Upfront: Brawn GP The rise of a shopfloor machinist who went on to engineer world titles then make his own Grand Prix winning car… Upfront: Ferrari The 2008 Constructors’ Championship-winning car compared to its 2009 successor State Of The Art: F1 Aero Considering the implications of the new aero rules and the im- pact they have had upon performance at the start of the new era Insight: KERS Analysing the electric motor based Kinetic Energy Recovery Systems now boosting Formula One cars under acceleration and braking Insight: Advanced Metals A look at the many and varied types of metal used in Grand Prix cars in the recent past and under today’s more restrictive rules The Challenge Of: F1 2008 Reviewing how Grand Prix cars evolved during the 2008 season, under the impact of the SECU, hence without traction control Insight: F1 Brakes The challenge of stopping Formula One cars as slick tyres and KERS enter the mix, bringing with them significant new issues Insight: Brakes Quick lap times are just as much about stopping quickly as about going fast State Of The Art: Exhausts Blowing hot air efficiently is like music to the ears of the engineer Special Investigation: Inside Red Bull We investigate the extraordinary leap to prominence of the Red Bull team Insight: Wind Tunnels With a cold wind blowing through wind tunnel testing, we look at its future Insight: Computational Fluid Dynamics Is CFD a viable replacement for wind tunnels longterm? We investigate Review: Strange Times We look back at some interesting trends and developments from 2009 State Of The Art: Composites From zero to hero, composite chassis construction has come a long way Insight: Data Acquisition Data acquisition and interpretation is a vital tool in Formula One today. We explain