Issue 55 Uncrewed Systems Technology Apr/May 2024 Sellafield’s UAV equipment l Applied EV Blanc Robot l Battery tech l Robotican’s Goshawk l UGVs l UAVHE RW1 rotary l Roboat UVD l Autopilots l Arkeocean UVD l UMEX 2024 l CycloTech UVD

Mejzlik Propellers s.r.o Mejzlik We believe every UAV deserves perfectly fitting propellers to unleash its full potential Modeling Molding Phototyping Testing Simulation Production Control MADE IN EU Embention EMBENTION Flight Controllers For Next-Gen eVTOLs & Drones 1x VERONTE AUTOPILOTS Trusted By TCab Tech Aergility DRONAMICS INTRA BAE SYSTEMS AIRBUS Trusted By Flight Controllers for Next-Gen eVTOLs & Drones UAV Components Manufacturer Specialized in the R&D and Manufacturing of: » Autopilot Flight Controller » RTK & GPS System » Telemetry Radio » Power Module » Drone Dev Kit » ESC