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MKS Servos XPONENTIAL Booth: 5300 AEROSPACE & MILITARY TEST METHODS & COMPLIANCE Approved by CE102 RE102 CS101 CS114 CS115 CS116 RS103 www, MKS ZEUS UNMANNED VEHICLE SERVO SPECIALIST Hall Effect Sensor IP67 Ingress Protection COMPLIANT MIL-STD 810G Method 514.6 Vibration Method 516.8 Shock COMPLIANT MIL-STD 461G EMC / EMI Z1500 30.2 X 14.6 X 29.4mm Z1500H 30.2 x 14.6 x 29.4mm Z1538 38 x 15 x 43mm Rated / Operating Voltage 12V/7.0V – 15V DC Volts Stall Torque 20 (kg-cm) No load Speed 0.18 (sec/60”) Working Temperature -40°C - +70°C Teeth/Diameter 24T / Ø 4.9mm Traveling Angle 120°- 0.5° (Z1538) 90° – 0.5° (Z1500/Z1500H) 20 Kgf-cm Control System Signal PWM, DroneCAN (UAVCAN V.0) Status Feedback DroneCAN Temperature Feedback Voltage Feedback Current Feedback Speed Feedback Angular Position Feedback MKS AMERICAS +1 832-287-2371 Agent for MKS ZEUS Pegasus Aeronautics PEGASUS Powering the Future of UVA Technology UNMATCHED RELIABILITY ADVANCED DIAGNOSTICS MULTI-HOUR FLIGHTS BUILT IN NORTH AMERICA Ruggedised, all-weather, multifuel platforms for the most demanding applications Pegasus Aeronautics 60 Bathurst Drive, Unit 25 Waterloo, Ontario Canada, N2V 2A9 Contact P: +1 (604) 812-7340 E: W: UAV Engines Ltd ROTARY ENGINES IN THE RANGE 10 TO 250 BHP Investment in Development Light weight, compact size, low vibration propulsion unit Multi fuel options for Mo Gas, AvGas, JP8 and Jet-A1 EFI, duplicated ignition system and redundant sensors enhance reliability In service operating hours in excess of 2 million flight hours and counting In service operational experience in over 40 countries. ISO 9001: 2015, AS 9100 RevD & MAA Pt145 accredited COLD CHAMBER ALTITUDE HIGH VALVE TESTING = RISK REDUCTION AR801 EFI Direct Drive 4 Blade 29X19 Propeller 570lb GTOW ENGINEERING SOFTWARE TEST/VERIFICATION FAR33 TEST DO-178 CLIMATIC WIND TUNNEL HIGH SPEED WIND TUNNEL NOISE 35 years Experience Manufacturing and Supplying Engines for Tactical Surveillance, Loitering Munitions and Target Drone Air Vehicles. Worlds Leading supplier of UAV Engines UAV ENGINES 60 Bathurst Drive, Unit 25 Waterloo, Ontario Canada, N2V 2A9 P: +1 (604) 812-7340 E: W: