Issue 55 Uncrewed Systems Technology Apr/May 2024 Sellafield’s UAV equipment l Applied EV Blanc Robot l Battery tech l Robotican’s Goshawk l UGVs l UAVHE RW1 rotary l Roboat UVD l Autopilots l Arkeocean UVD l UMEX 2024 l CycloTech UVD

VideoSys Broadcast GOOSENECK DOME SHARK FIN OMNI SECTOR HELICAL CUSTOM NEW LIGHTWEIGHT RANGE ANTENNAS FOR UNCREWED SYSTEMS Contact us: Additional Software features available. ONBOARD VIDEO PROCESSING SightLine’s Software and Hardware exibility provides tailorable, powerful solutions. Tracking Market-leading Tracker. Detection Real-time algorithms. AI/ML Classifier Trained models available. million nautical hours Proven Performance Rugged reliability and optimal performance define the 200WX-IPX7. Over 1 million hours of flawless nautical operation on buoys, USVs and ASVs prove its integrity. Inquire how AIRMAR can meet your integration requirements. • Compact, ultrasonic multisensor • Dynamic wind speed and direction • Air temperature and wind chill • Barometric pressure • GPS position, SOG, COG • Three-axis solid state compass with dynamic stabilization • Three-axis rate gyro for rate of turn • Best-in-class pitch and roll accuracy • IPX7 waterproof rating 200WX-IPX7 AIRMAR.COM Contact Photo Courtesy of Liquid Robotics