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IE-SOAR benefits • Direct battery replacement. 6S to 16S compatible – automatically follows load demand just like a battery. • Designed for safety and reliability. Single point failure tolerant and with built in power system redundancy. • Modular – combine systems in parallel for 800W to 24kW outputs. IE-SOAR fuel cell systems replace your battery and unlock long endurance flight. Enable previously impossible applications – your business is no longer constrained by flight time. Unlock BVLOS operations – BVLOS makes sense with the range provided by fuel cells. Increase operational efficiency – spend 3x longer in the air and achieve more. Fuel cells vs. internal combustion engines • Clean & zero-emission. • Near silent operation. • Reduced maintenance & no moving parts. No tuning. • Vibration free for maximum stability. Fuel cells vs. batteries • Increased flight time. • Fast refuelling. • Built in power system redundancy. Fly longer · Fly further · Achieve more Get in touch today to find out how your mission could benefit from fuel cells · +44 (0)1509 271271 Xponential 2024: Visit us at stand #5445 to find out more