Issue 55 Uncrewed Systems Technology Apr/May 2024 Sellafield’s UAV equipment l Applied EV Blanc Robot l Battery tech l Robotican’s Goshawk l UGVs l UAVHE RW1 rotary l Roboat UVD l Autopilots l Arkeocean UVD l UMEX 2024 l CycloTech UVD

3 April/May 2024 | Contents Uncrewed Systems Technology | April/May 2024 26 50 68 98 60 04 Intro Battery improvements, new ways of powering vehicles, and advances in path-planning and autopilots hold great potential 06 Platform one: Mission-critical info Converting a two-stroke to run on kerosene, using AI to pinpoint and assess cracking in concrete, an inaugural autonomous jet flight by the US Air Force, operating a swarm of 100 ground and aerial robots, a noise-suppression system that will help rescue people, testing rollable solar cells in orbit, using a 5G network to control parking robots, improving path-planning, and more 20 In conversation: Amanda Smith The engineer leading Sellafield’s UAV equipment programme explains how advanced inspection techniques are being used to keep humans out of harm’s way 26 Dossier: Applied EV Blanc Robot Flexibility hits new heights with the Blanc Robot UGV, a blank slate on which to build any body structure for any application 40 Focus: Battery technology A new generation of enhanced materials is boosting the performance of battery cells, aided by AI and 3D printing 50 In operation: Robotican’s Goshawk Unveiling the Goshawk Intercepter counter-UAS system, modelled on a bird of prey, which captures hostile drones in a non-destructive way and returns to its Smart Nest 60 Insight: UGVs Intelligent vehicles are being designed for every industry and purpose, from farming to mobility, mining and the last mile 68 Dossier: UAVHE RW1 rotary Two supercharged Wankel rotaries, built with the latest CNC machining tech and innovations used for motorsport 80 UVD: Roboat & Holland Shipyards Group This summer, athletes and visitors at the Paris Olympics will be able to take a trip down the Seine on an autonomous vessel 88 Focus: Autopilots Flight controllers are evolving to become sophisticated, safety rated systems able to interface with computer-vision AI 98 In operation: Arkeocean How a swarm of ULF-detecting autonomous micro-AUVs can be used to guard the oceans and seek out hostile submarines 104 Show Report: UMEX Some exciting wares on show at the expo’s biggest stage yet 108 UVD: CycloTech Bumblebee 2.0 A unique flight system enabling highly manoeuvrable, compact vehicle designs, inspired by a 100-year-old cycloidal propeller 114 PS: Red Bull Racing camera missile This little battery-operated UAV has a top speed of 350 kph