Issue 55 Uncrewed Systems Technology Apr/May 2024 Sellafield’s UAV equipment l Applied EV Blanc Robot l Battery tech l Robotican’s Goshawk l UGVs l UAVHE RW1 rotary l Roboat UVD l Autopilots l Arkeocean UVD l UMEX 2024 l CycloTech UVD

C-Astral Aerospace C-ASTRAL FLYING WITH YOU SINCE 2007 THE BEST UAS IN ITS CLASS <12kg C-ASTRAL AEROSPACE SQA MULTIROLE Evtol 2.5h 80 x 160 km vtol 12kg mtow safety BOOTH #4506 / XPONENTIAL 2024 / SAN DIEGO, APRIL, 22-25 MADE IN EU ATAK IN USE WITH CROSS NATO OTAN NSN – NATO STOCK NUMBER 1550-42-000-3356 TAK MICRO HALL EFFECT JOYSTICKS & ELECTROMECHANICAL TRIM SWITCHES Joysticks and switches purposely designed for ground control platforms TS2 Series • Industry’s smallest Hall effect joystick • 1/2” body diameter • One or two axis • IP67 above panel sealed • +/-100mv return to center MSA Series • One axis Hall effect micro device • Spring centering • IP67 above panel sealed • Available with single or redundant outputs HS1 Series • 4-way or 8-way with optional pushbutton validation • MOM-OFF-MOM switching • Positive tactile feedback • IP67 above panel sealed MHS Series • Compact trim switch • 4-way or 8-way with optional pushbutton validation • IP67 above panel sealed • Center pushbutton may be actuated off center position • Optimized mechanical deflection for improved operator experience • Potted flying leads WWW.RUFFYCONTROLS.COM Perfect vision Anytime, Anywhere Customized to meet your requirements Geo features & Moving map Multi-target tracker & Moving target detection DST CONTROL - -