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T-motor Jiangxi Xintuo Enterprise Co Ltd THE SAFER PROPULSION SYSTEM INDUSTRY-LEVEL PROPULSION SYSTEM CAN Function UART-TTL data feedback protocol IP67 function ELECTRIC PROPELLER Platform one Stanley Robotics has used a private 5G network to control its automated parking robots (writes Nick Flaherty). The Stanley robots (detailed in issue 44, Jun/Jul 2022) are autonomous systems that can manoeuvre a vehicle into a parking space without it needing autonomous controls. They are deployed at Lyon-Saint Exupéry Airport in France. Communication with the robotic system is key, and Stanley worked with ORAXIO Telecom to use a private 5G network rather than one run by an operator. This allows Stanley to have lower latency for better control of up to 100 separate robot systems, all parking vehicles across the site. “The coverage, reliability of connectivity and remote maintenance, as well as management of flow priorities are key to allowing us to increase the number of robots on the same site, and improve the efficiency and performance of the service,” said Aurélien Cord, CTO at Stanley Robotics. “The private 5G network allowed us to pool all our types of connectivity and use cases on a single infrastructure. The first site has been deployed and is in operation, and the tests continue and will be pushed forward with a gradual ramp-up to broaden the use cases and be able, in a second step, to deploy the technology more widely.” Autonomous parking 5G orchestrates robot parking manoevres Stanley Robots can control up to 100 separate robot systems, all parking vehicles across the site