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AU Series: Subsea Servo Cylinder +1-631-298-9179 Cutchogue, New York, USA A1 Series: Standard Servo Cylinder A2 Series: Industrial Servo Cylinder AM Series: Ruggedized Servo Cylinder • BLDC control electronics and contactless position feedback built-in • Pressure balanced oil-filled for operation to 6000+ meters (10,000 PSI) • Control via CAN, RS-422 serial, digital signals, and more • Ideal for harsh maritime applications above and below the waterline • Hydrofoils, ROV control surfaces, subsea valves, release mechanisms, USV control... 30 Years of Underwater Heritage Rotron Rotary Engines MISSION-PROVEN INTEGRATED SOLUTION World’s First MAA Certified VTOL UAV Engine System ROTRON ADVANCED ROTARY ENGINE TECHNOLOGY LEARN MORE AT ROTRONPOWER.COM OR CALL US ON +44 (0)1747 440 510 CONNECT WITH US /COMPANY/ROTRON-POWER Rotron rotary engines reflect an entirely different approach to fully-integrated propulsion systems, by redefining the relationship between size, performance, efficiency and reliability in an ultra-low vibration power unit. RT600XE Rotary Engine System includes - engine core, exhaust system (98Db), fuel system (twin pump with redundant control), oil supply system, cooling system inc water, ECU (governor mode with servo driven throttle), 1400W 24V power (twin regulators), wiring loom and drive clutch. Rotron offers a complete range of engines, from 50hp to 200hp designed for both fixed wing and VTOL applications. Integrated solutions for hybrid-electric power generation also available to order - Enquire for details. Fuel Type Gasoline / AvGas (Standard) JetA / JP8 / JP5 (Integrated) APPPROVED SUPPLIER TO Max Peak Power 60hp / 100hp Installed Weight 41kg (90.4lbs) Noise Emission 98Db DeltaHawk Engines, Inc. | Racine, Wisconsin USA | YOUR MISSION IS CRITICAL. WE GET CRITICAL. DeltaHawk engines were certified by the FAA for manned aircraft. • Lightweight, compact, heavy fuel engines • Highly fuel efficient • Exceptional reliability and safety • Simple maintenance requiring only hand tools • Easy cold and hot weather starting • 180-235 Horsepower, with higher power soon to be announced • Extraordinary altitude performance • Hybrid, ground, marine, and power generation • EMI-proof • USA owned and manufactured Contact us to discuss your application, and see what Power Reimagined® can do for you.