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Plettenberg Motors Expectedly reliable and efficient Plettenberg UAV propulsion systems are not only tailored to your application. They are known for their durability and highest efficiency. And there are even more good arguments to take a closer look at our BLDC motors, ESC’s and starter generators. Leading technology and trusted quality. Have a look at our website and get in touch, we are happy to assist. #1 rugged Inrunner BLDC motor 5,000+ possible configurations 100% Made in Germany 26kW/kg max. power-to-weight 67 max. IP protection rating ISO 9001 certified quality system PLETTENBERG Skypower International THE PERFECT FIT SP-210 FI TS ROS 2-cylinder gas engine Twin spark and rear output shaft (Starter) Generator and Controller Max.power of 14.0KW SKYPOWER INTERNATIONAL MADE IN GERMANY Perfect vision Anytime, Anywhere Customized to meet your requirements Geo features & Moving map Multi-target tracker & Moving target detection DST CONTROL - -