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Cobra Aero GROUP 3 UAS PROPULSION SYSTEM High Power Density Minimal Maintenance Lightweight Fuel Efficient Designed and developed to aerospace standards Power: 6.5kW (8.7 hp) at 7000 RPM Starting Heat: 300 Watts for 10 min. 410g/kW-hr (0.67 lb/hp-hr) cruise VP P4F heavy fuel or VP C9 50:1 premix, JP5, JP8 Low Acoustic signature 500W 3-phase generator output Power4Flight IntelliJect EFI system Telemetry and control over Serial or CAN Isolation mount included Liquid cooled with active temp control Quickly Integrate into any airframe COBRA AERO A99H LONG-RANGE HEAVY FUEL PROPULSION SYSYEM For more information visit Cobra aero (517) 437-9100 Scorpion Power System Ltd Scorpion Performance POWER SYSTEM OF CHAMPIONS FOR 16+ YEARS MORE PAYLOAD MORE FLIGHT TIME MORE POWER IM-SERIES Multirotor 5°-30° Prop A-Series Airplane / VTOL 10cc-150cc Gas Equivalent HK-Series Helicopter 200mm-1000mm Blade Size ESC’S 6 Step / FOC 30A – 300A Alva Industries ALVA In a sea full of options, choose Alva Hydra-100 Introducing Alva’s Hydra-100: FiberPrinting™ enables breakthrough in marine propulsion. A rim-drive thruster with outstanding thrust=density and thrust-efficiency. Compact Lightweight Efficient For all marine applications We provide end-to-end electric motor solutions for underwater thrusters, including optimization, design, production, outsourcing, and licensing. +47 412 888 77 +30% HIGH MAX THRUST +40% HIGHER MAX EFFIECIENCY +250% HIGHER THRUST DENSITY DESIGNED & MADE IN NORWAY OUTER 0.135 PEAK THRUST: 40KGF C M Y CM MY CY CMY K AD for Magazine 2023_Final.pdf 1 31/10/2023 11:14:26