Issue 54 Uncrewed Sytems Technology Feb/Mar 2024 uWare uOne UUV l Radio and telemetry l Rheinmetall Canada medevacs l UUVs insight DelltaHawk engine l IMU focus l Skygauge in operation l CES 2024 report l Blueflite l Hypersonic flight

Taisync Technology TAISYNC NDAA Compliant Solutions Wireless Data Link Learn more on our website Viulinx PRO SDR on FPGA platform Low level re-transmission Receiving diversity and dynamic antenna selection Viulinx DUO Compact footprint of 47*72*21mm Flexible switching between 2.4GHz&5.8GHz dual bands Excellent performance at low cost Low power consumption of 6W On Land. At Sea. In Flight. Fact not fiction. Science not speculation. 2024 US$ media kit Read all back issues online UST 51 : AUG/SEPT 2023 UK £15, USA $30, EUROPE €22 Running the show Focus on new power management architectures Cost-cutters The emergence of high-end servos that don’t break the bank Certified kit The tests Primoco had to pass to allow its One 150 to be used for NATO missions In print and online. 2024 media kit out now… To register your interest in advertising, please contact: Simon Moss | Publishing Director E: | T: +44 (0) 1934 352746 Content overview Readership Platform One In each issue the news section is focused on technological development. Business and politics are only covered in so far as they impact directly on engineering solutions. From the outset the publication has dealt in hard science. Uncrewed Systems Insights Insights reveal the latest technological advances across all uncrewed vehicle platforms, as well as a number of specific industry applications. UAVs, UGVs, UUVs, USVs and Uncrewed Space Vehicles will all take their place in the spotlight, as well as sectors utilising this burgeoning technology including Mining, Agriculture, Surveillance, Inspection, Transportation & Security applications. Our technical resource provides invaluable knowledge for engineers. Uncrewed Vehicle Dossiers & Digests Each issue contains at least one main dossier and one digest offering an incredibly detailed look at a high profile uncrewed vehicle project, revealing many secrets of the technology that are simply not reported anywhere else. Powerplant Dossiers The world of uncrewed systems has created new requirements for small internal combustion engines and electric motors, to the extent that currently there is far from agreement as to the most appropriate technical solution. A host of different approaches are being exploited, from Wankel rotary to reciprocating, from battery electric to fuel cell and all manner of hybrids. Each issue’s powerplant dossier explores in depth one of the diverse innovative power units at the forefront of today’s uncrewed revolution. Focus on… Revisited just once every 3 years the focus acts as an excellent source of reference on specific products and types of engineering service – topics covered include: • 5G Radio • Additive Layer Manufacturing • Advanced Materials • Ancillary Engine Systems • Antennas • Artificial Intelligence (AI) • Autopilots • Batteries • Cable Harnesses • Composites • Connectors • Data Storage • Design Software • Electric Motors • Embedded Computing • Engine Control Units • Fuel Cells • Gimbals • Ground Control Systems • Image sensing • IMUs, Gyros & Accelerometers • Launch Systems • Lidars • Machine Learning • Maintenance • Motion Control • Motor Controllers • Navigation System • Parachutes • Performance Monitoring • Personal Information Systems • Power Management Systems • Propellers • Radio Links & Telemetry • Real Time Operating Systems • Sense & Avoid / Radar • Servo Actuators • Simulation & Testing • Solar Power • Sonar & Acoustic Systems • Thermal Sensors • Transponders • UTM • Video Encoding By country Job titles Where in the world • Argentina • Australia • Austria • Azerbaijan • Bahrain • Belgium • Brazil • Bulgaria • Canada • Chile • China • Colombia • Croatia • Cyprus • Czech Republic • Denmark • Ecuador • Egypt • Estonia • Finland • France • Germany • Greece • Hong Kong • Hungary • Iceland • India • Indonesia • Ireland • Israel • Italy • Japan • Jordan • Kuwait • Latvia • Lebanon • Lithuania • Luxembourg • Malaysia • Mexico • Monaco • Nepal • New Zealand • Nigeria • Norway • Pakistan • Peru • Philippines • Poland • Portugal • Romania • Saudi Arabia • Singapore • Slovakia • Slovenia • South Africa • South Korea • Spain • Sweden • Switzerland • Taiwan • Tanzania • Thailand • The Netherlands • Tunisia • Turkey • UAE • UK • Ukraine • USA • Vietnam USA UK Rest of Europe Rest of World Online readership Unique, returning users over the last 12 months Circulation • Chief / Head / Lead / Principal Engineer (UAV, UGV, USV, UUV) • Aerospace Engineer • Airworthiness Engineer • Autonomous Systems Engineer • Chief Scientist • Development Engineer • Director of Design • Electronic Design Engineer • Embedded Software Engineer • Hardware Engineer • Head of Innovation • Lead Robotics Engineer • Materials Manager • Mechatronics Engineer • Mechanical Engineer • Programme Manager • Project Engineer • R&D Engineer • Robotics • Researcher • Research Scientist • Senior UAV Technician • Software Developer • System Integration Engineer • Technology Researcher • UAS Logistics Analyst • UAV / UAS Operator • UAV / UAS Pilot • UV Specialist Uncrewed Systems Technology was launched in 2014 by High Power Media. It’s the first ever publication to focus entirely on providing independent coverage of the engineering of uncrewed systems. Published bi-monthly, this technical resource probes the cuttingedge projects of today to provide indepth research insights, using rigorous investigation backed by professional peer review and critical analysis. In order to seize more than your fair share of the fresh opportunities being created in this exciting sphere, ensure that Uncrewed Systems Technology is part of your marketing plan. Uncrewed Systems Technology is written for engineers who are actively working on developing technological solutions for uncrewed vehicles and the systems that support them. Our magazine is available in both print and online, making our content accessible to a global network of engineers across multiple platforms. Print readership 6,000 individually mailed copies, shared by 3 readers on average 18,000 32,500 48% 17% 19% 16% Forward features Schedule overview Issue 52 | October/November 2023 Issue 56 | June/July 2024 Issue 53 | December/January 2024 Issue 58 | October/November 2024 Issue 57 | August/September 2024 TECHNOLOGY FOCUS: Battery technology Battery technology continues to deliver higher power densities for ever smaller packs. We will look at the latest developments in solid state lithium-ion and lithium-sulphur for UAVs, and sodium for UGVs. PRODUCT FOCUS: Autopilot technology Flight controllers and autonomy computers are being built and programmed with greater speed, more sophisticated intelligence, and wider functionality than ever before. This is expanding the range of different missions and environments in which autonomous vehicles can work, and unlocking new capabilities across swarming, GNSS-jamming/spoofing mitigation, complex manoeuvring and more; we will investigate these capabilities. INSIGHT: Uncrewed Ground Vehicles TECHNOLOGY FOCUS: Radio & telemetry Radio protocols are at the heart of uncrewed system designs. This article will look at the latest developments in the technology for sending all kinds of telemetry data both reliably and with low power. PRODUCT FOCUS: IMUs, Gyros & Accelerometers Improvements in IMUs’ movement sensitivities, processing speeds, and fault correction, as well as reductions in size, weight, and power requirements all contribute towards critical uncrewed vehicle functions such as GNSS-aiding, GNSS-denied navigation, and gimbal pointing and tracking. We will look at how these improvements have been achieved, and what they mean for uncrewed vehicles. INSIGHT: Uncrewed Underwater Vehicles TECHNOLOGY FOCUS: Video encoding Sending video data over radio links reliably is a key requirement of many uncrewed systems. This article will look at the latest encoder protocols, including generative AI, and hardware implementations to reduce the energy per bit. PRODUCT FOCUS: Cable harnesses With uncrewed and driverless vehicles running on denser networks of computers and subsystems, along with higher voltage powertrains, advancements in cable products are critical for reliability, safety, and efficiency in energy and weight. This feature will investigate the latest such advancements. INSIGHT: Uncrewed Space Vehicles TECHNOLOGY FOCUS: Data storage Uncrewed missions often generate gigabytes of data that can’t be sent over radio links, making reliable storage a key requirement. We look at the latest developments for data storage, from low power, rugged reliable mass storage to MRAM in the processing systems. PRODUCT FOCUS: Antennas Antennas are mission-critical systems for uncrewed vehicles to transmit and receive GNSS coordinates, transponder identification codes, real-time video and images, and even data from handheld devices and other vehicles. With regulations and new technology affecting standards, we will look into the latest of these critical products for connectivity over and below the horizon. INSIGHT: Uncrewed Surface Vehicles TECHNOLOGY FOCUS: Real time operating systems RTOS and added software such as publish-subscribe distributed data systems (DDS) are coming together to provide more flexible ways to develop autonomous systems both in the air and on the ground. This article will look at the options open to engineers. PRODUCT FOCUS: Thermal imaging systems Infrared and near-infrared payloads are key to uncrewed vehicles capturing in-depth data on the condition of infrastructure, the locations of humans or animals, the state of crop fields, or the spread of fires or gas leaks. Accordingly we will investigate new advancements in hardware and AI for autonomous thermal imaging missions. INSIGHT: Defence TECHNOLOGY FOCUS: Simulation & testing Simulation is an increasingly important part of the design of uncrewed systems. This article will look at the use of synthetic data for simulation and how this is also used for testing and verification throughout the development process. PRODUCT FOCUS: Ground stations & controllers Uncrewed vehicles are achieving new heights in multi-domain fleet missions, intelligent swarm activities, and uses of complex multi-sensor payloads (or combinations of multiple separate payloads). Monitoring and analysing these feats requires advancements, optimisations and redesigns of GCSs, the latest of which we will investigate in this article. INSIGHT: Uncrewed Space Vehicles TECHNOLOGY FOCUS: Uncrewed Aircraft System Traffic Management (UTM) An increasingly important element of the use of aerial systems, this article looks at the technology for identifying and managing UAVs in the air in real time with automated systems. PRODUCT FOCUS: Transponders With regulations and roadmaps for air traffic and collision avoidance systems for autonomous drones and air taxis advancing, we will investigate how transponder systems are being redesigned and advanced in their intelligence, ruggedness, size, weight, power and more to suit the needs of this new age in aviation safety. INSIGHT: Uncrewed Aerial Vehicles Issue Ed deadline Ad deadline On sale 52 Oct/Nov ’23 8th Sep 20th Sep 9th Oct 53 Dec/Jan ’24 3rd Nov 15th Nov 4th Dec 54 Feb/Mar ’24 19th Jan 31st Jan 19th Feb 55 Apr/May ’24 15th Mar 27th Mar 15th Apr 56 Jun/Jul ’24 17th May 29th May 17th Jun 57 Aug/Sep ’24 12th Jul 24th Jul 12th Aug 58 Oct/Nov ’24 13th Sep 25th Sep 14th Oct Ed deadline: 15th March 2024 Ad deadline: 27th March 2024 Publication date: 15th April 2024 Bonus distribution: Xponential, San Diego (UGV cover); Japan Drone, Chiba; Eurosatory, Paris Ed deadline: 19th January 2024 Ad deadline: 31st January 2024 Publication date: 19th February 2024 Bonus distribution: Oceanology International, London; Xponential, San Diego (USV/UUV cover) Ed deadline: 8th September 2023 Ad deadline: 20th September 2023 Publication date: 9th October 2023 Bonus distribution: Bahrain International Air Show, Bahrain Ed deadline: 17th May 2024 Ad deadline: 29th May 2024 Publication date: 17th June 2024 Bonus distribution: Farnborough International Airshow, UK Ed deadline: 3rd November 2023 Ad deadline: 15th November 2023 Publication date: 4th December 2023 Bonus distribution: CES, Las Vegas; UMEX, Abu Dhabi; Geo Week, Denver; Xponential, San Diego (UAV cover) Ed deadline: 13th September 2024 Ad deadline: 25th September 2024 Publication date: 14th October 2024 Bonus distribution: Counter UAS Technology, Virginia, USA Ed deadline: 12th July 2024 Ad deadline: 24th July 2024 Publication date: 12th August 2024 Bonus distribution: Commercial UAV Expo, Las Vegas; DroneX, London; Intergeo, Stuttgart Issue 55 | April/May 2024 Issue 54 | February/March 2024 Advertising rates Newsletter Size/insertions 1x 3x 6x Double page €12,000 €10,800 €10,200 Full page €7,000 €6,300 €5,950 Half page €3,800 €3,420 €3,230 Quarter page €1,995 €1,795 €1,695 Cover positions +20%, Guaranteed position +10% Double page spread Trim: W420mm x H297mm Bleed: W426mm x H303mm Type: W400mm x H277mm Full page Trim: W210mm x H297mm Bleed: W216mm x H303mm Type: W190mm x H277mm Half page (V) Type area: W92.5mm x H277mm Half page (H) Type area: W190mm x H136mm Quarter page Type area: W92.5mm x H136mm Specifications: For the print magazine we can accept PDF, EPS, TIFF or JPEG formats and would ask that all artwork is set at a resolution of 300dpi. For the online version please also supply a PDF and JPEG file. Alternatively we do offer a design service by arrangement, so if you would like us to help make an advertisement for you, or amend an existing ad, then please get in touch to discuss. Launched in Spring 2022 our monthly e-newsletter provides a snapshot of the top news stories and product releases we’ve covered over the last month, alongside featured articles from Uncrewed Systems Technology magazine. The newsletter is sent to our entire database on the middle Thursday of each month as well as being promoted across our social media platforms. Uncrewed Systems Technology advertisers benefit from supporting unbiased technical content through our tried and tested multi-platform approach. With no sponsored content and a strict ratio of independent editorial versus advertising, our clients stand out in a highly competitive market on all devices. Space Per month Banner one €1333 Banner two €1000 Banner three €666 Size: 970 x 250 px Resolution: 72 DPI Colour: RGB File Limit: 2 MB File Type: PNG/JPEG/GIF On Land. At Sea. In Flight. Fact not fiction. Science not speculation. 2024 US$ media kit Read all back issues online UST 51 : AUG/SEPT 2023 UK £15, USA $30, EUROPE €22 Running the show Focus on new power management architectures Cost-cutters The emergence of high-end servos that don’t break the bank Certified kit The tests Primoco had to pass to allow its One 150 to be used for NATO missions In print and online. Desert Aircraft, 1815 S. Research Loop, Tucson, AZ, 85710, USA Tel: +1 520 722 0607 Email: | Introducing our range of high-performance 2-stroke engines designed and built for one-way target systems that require consistent and accurate performance. Whether it’s for military training, law enforcement drills, or precision shooting ranges, our engines deliver the ideal combination of power and efficiency, ensuring a seamless integration into your systems. With a focus on robust construction and high-quality materials, these engines will withstand the rigors of continuous operation, while delivering reliable performance when it matters most. All of our engines are designed and manufactured inhouse, ranging from 35cc-215cc. Full customization is also available. Give us a call and let us know your needs. ENGINEERING EXCELLENCE