Issue 54 Uncrewed Sytems Technology Feb/Mar 2024 uWare uOne UUV l Radio and telemetry l Rheinmetall Canada medevacs l UUVs insight DelltaHawk engine l IMU focus l Skygauge in operation l CES 2024 report l Blueflite l Hypersonic flight

3 February/March 2024 | Contents Uncrewed Systems Technology | February/March 2024 24 46 64 94 76 04 Intro Remote driving, 4D imaging radar and machine-learning tech are making huge advances, but are they still too power-hungry? 06 Platform one: Mission-critical info Japanese researchers create a low-cost UAV for close-up transmission line inspections, a penny sized robot shows the power of small, a radar system protects cars in a cocoon, a Korean sensor detects 3D objects on the road, and the US tackles radio-frequency interference with silicon photonics 20 In conversation: Angelo Corsaro How ZettaScale’s Zenoh protocol is taking off in the robotics world by slashing the energy required for data transfer 24 Dossier: uWare’s uOne UUV This autonomous submersible can replicate the functions of multi-rotor air vehicles underwater, hoving with the same agility and using visual navigation to survey the marine environment 36 Focus: Radio and telemetry New systems are boosting the performance of UAVs, linking multiple platforms and taking them further on less energy 46 In operation: Rheinmetall Intelligent ground vehicles can travel where crewed missions cannot go safely, implementing medical evacuations in complex or dangerous terrain with lower risk to life 56 Insight: UUVs Underwater uncrewed vehicles are taking exploration to greater depths, with missions often lasting months at a time 64 Dossier: DeltaHawk DHK180 Why this compression-ignition two-stroke engine has been 27 years in the making, achieving FAA Type Certification 76 Focus: IMUs, gyros and accelerometers Today’s navigation systems are breaking away from their dependence on GNSS, and mixing inertial data with visual, radar, laser, acoustic and other sensor feeds 94 In operation: Skygauge One firm is addressing the danger to humans working at height by enabling remote ultrasonic inspections of tall structures 102 Show report: CES Exhibitors present their latest tech, focused on innovation, AI, mobility and sustainability, under the dazzling lights of Las Vegas 108 In operation: Blueflite Rugged vehicles Slate and Cobalt promise reliability and durability in delivering packages anywhere, in any weather 114 PS: Hypersonic flight As air vehicles hit previously undreamed-of speeds, proper thermal management is crucial to keep their mechanisms cool