Issue 54 Uncrewed Sytems Technology Feb/Mar 2024 uWare uOne UUV l Radio and telemetry l Rheinmetall Canada medevacs l UUVs insight DelltaHawk engine l IMU focus l Skygauge in operation l CES 2024 report l Blueflite l Hypersonic flight

the technology event for XPONENTIAL, the technology event for autonomy, gives you access to the latest advancements and hands-on training sessions that help you stay current. You’ll also meet top experts who can share ideas and help you find solutions to challenges such as cost constraints, cybersecurity and regulatory compliance. APRIL 22 – 25, 2024 | EDUCATION APRIL 23 – 25, 2024 | EXHIBITS SAN DIEGO, CA Read all back issues online at Read all back issues online UST 48 : FEB/MAR 2023 UK £15, USA $30, EUROPE €22 Network news How 5G is being deployed for uncrewed systems Recharge account The latest advances in solar power technology In for the long haul Kodiak Robotics’ autonomous solution for the US logistics industry Read all back issues online UST 46 : OCT/NOV 2022 UK £15, USA $30, EUROPE e22 Field of vision The latest advances in video system power and quality Going places Developments in GNSS technology continue apace Winning formula Autonomous racing hits the tracks with the IAC’s AV-21 Read all back issues online UST 44 : JUNE/JULY 2022 UK £15, USA $30, EUROPE e22 Sensor sensibility Focus on new Lidar sensor designs Linked in Tailoring connectors to specific vehicles Range rovers How Xer Technologies’ X12 and X8 blend battery power with gasoline range extenders Read all back issues online UST 47 : DEC/JAN 2023 UK £15, USA $30, EUROPE e22 In training Focus on using deep learning networks for image analysis Cutting edge Advances in propeller designs to generate more lift for longer Take a load off How managed autorotation makes the ATLIS cargo carrier cost-effective and energy-efficient Read all back issues online UST 45 : AUG/SEPT 2022 UK £15, USA $30, EUROPE e22 Working watchdogs Focus on performance monitoring All about the image The growing size and sophistication of gimbals Double duty How the TideWise Tupan teams a USV with a UAV or ROV to inspect offshore equipment Read all back issues online UST 53 : DEC/JAN 2024 UK £15, USA $30, EUROPE €22 High concept How the Zephyr solar-powered UAV aims to provide commercial services from the stratosphere Conscious uncoupling The advantages of separating real-time operating systems into kernels Heat waves The latest in multi-spectral thermal imaging systems Read all back issues online UST 51 : AUG/SEPT 2023 UK £15, USA $30, EUROPE €22 Running the show Focus on new power management architectures Cost-cutters The emergence of high-end servos that don’t break the bank Certified kit The tests Primoco had to pass to allow its One 150 to be used for NATO missions Read all back issues online UST 49 : APRIL/MAY 2023 UK £15, USA $30, EUROPE €22 Cheaper by the dozen The impact of image sensor advances on uncrewed system designs We need more data Sonar technology makes fresh headway Level headed How the WAM-V’s self-adjustment system keeps it on an even keel Read all back issues online UST 52 : OCT/NOV 2023 UK £15, USA $30, EUROPE €22 Code-makers Focus on video encoding technology The cable guys How to get the best from wiring harness suppliers Four-legged friend Keybotic’s quadruped robot for dirty and dangerous jobs in heavy industry