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MAMMOTION unveiled its LUBA 2 AWD series of autonomous robotic mowers, which are variations on a UGV design, measuring 690 x 513 x 273 mm and weighing 17 kg. They offer connectivity over wi-fi, Bluetooth and 4G. The LUBA 2 AWD is engineered to overcome numerous weaknesses of other autonomous mowers. For instance, its all-wheel-drive system enables it to cross 38° inclines, uneven ground, muddy ruts and tree roots without losing momentum, which would confound regular mowers. It integrates stereo cameras, ultrasonic radars and physical bumpers to detect obstacles as small as 1 in in height, enabling it to manoeuvre around animals, garden hoses and routine hazards without its mowing being interrupted. Positioning can be performed using the vision sensors or via RTK GNSS. The battery-electric system runs for 180 minutes between charges, with a typical charging time of 120 minutes. A version with a smaller battery is also available, providing 120 minutes of endurance and a 90-minute charging time. Schaeffler Group attended CES to exhibit a range of its latest motion solutions for automotive, industrial and aerospace applications. Among them were a number of electromechanical actuator systems aimed at automated driving and intelligent steering, including its RT1-T precision-strain wave-gear (also known as a harmonic drive) unit for robotics fields needing high-performance sensing of force and torque. The RT1-T integrates specific microelectronics, embedded AI, and proprietary coating for precisely measuring torque within the joint actuator without affecting torsional stiffness. Schaeffler also demonstrated its CASM-series electromechanical actuator for agricultural and construction systems, designed as an energy efficient and modular alternative to conventional hydraulic cylinders. Also showcased were the company’s latest SWaP-optimised electric axles, along with electric motors featuring its latest cooling concepts, magnetfree options and stator winding configurations, with Schaeffler’s silicon-based solid-state batteries. Its electric-powertrain innovations were displayed in a battery-electric truck, and in an eVTOL craft engineered by Austrian company FlyNow, capable of lifting payloads up to 200 kg. LG Display showcased a series of large automotive displays, including one it claimed to be the world’s largest, aimed at future mobility solutions. This display measures 57 in (144.78 cm) and is intended as a Pillar-to-Pillar (P2P) LCD, meaning it covers the full length of the dashboard, from the driver’s seat to the front passenger’s seat. The 57 in P2P screen has a maximum curvature radius of 3,500 mm and is intended to provide various infotainment functions. These include HD displays of driving information, climate controls, movies or games, with touch responsiveness 105 Uncrewed Systems Technology | February/March 2024 Mammotion’s LUBA 2 AWD autonomous robotic mower LG Display’s pillar-to-pillar automotive display