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Xponential 2023 | Show report We last featured Suter Aviation in detail regarding its TOA-288 in issue 32 (June/July 2020). It’s a two-stroke, twocylinder boxer, naturally aspirated and air-cooled, and rated to 14 kW continuous maximum power, up to peaks of 18 kW. Development of the engine has continued since then. As the company told us at the expo, the 250-hour TBO noted in the previous article has been increased to 500 hours. “The 250 hours is a safety margin as standard, but thanks to extensive testing with a partner company in Germany that specialises in cycling these sorts of engines, and which ran the engine 24/7 at length, we’ve proven its ability to run for 500 hours safely,” said Dietrich Kehe. “We’ve also released a tuning kit for the TOA-288 that enables users to get another 2 kW out of it, meaning peaks of 20 kW are now possible at 6600 rpm,” he said. “The kit consists of some cylinder head and exhaust modifications as well as some ECU remapping.” In addition to continuing to optimise the engine for its customers (such as Martin UAV), Suter is working on a larger engine, which Kehe described as another two-cylinder configuration but with a bigger displacement than the 288 cc TOA-288 – 330 cc was expected at the time of writing, hence its anticipated product name, the TOA-330. 87 Uncrewed Systems Technology | August/September 2023 A wide variety of advanced new uncrewed vehicles, AI systems and other components were displayed throughout the Colorado Convention Center (Courtesy of AUVSI) Suter’s TOA-288 engine