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84 Show report | Xponential 2023 units, so aerodynamic and structural performance stays the same across customers’ prop inventories.” Also, the hot-press machine works using an aluminium mould, rather than a carbon or laminated mould, ensuring it will last far longer than the latter mould types and hence lower Mejzlik’s production costs per unit. After hotpressing, each propeller is cut to its final shape and tolerances using CNC machining. The company also showcased some of its new lines of folding propellers, which it says are gaining popularity for their easier transportability. We previously examined Cleo Robotics’ Dronut X1 in detail for its unique flying duct configuration, which when combined with its Lidar and vision-based SLAM capabilities enable it to survey otherwise unsafe and GNSS-denied spaces such as air vents or active factory floors (issue 49, April/May 2023). “Since then, we’ve been preparing for the upcoming commercial launch of the Dronut X1 Pro,” said Natalia Hoar. “We’ll be unveiling a number of enhancements regarding the Dronut’s data intelligence and autonomous capabilities, including return to home, obstacle detection and avoidance, and increased flight time to enable more efficient and safer industrial inspection and data capture.” The Dronut X1 Pro UAV is due to be available later this year. Acutronic showcased its newest microturbine engines for UAVs. The engines range from hobby-grade systems to robust professional and tactical-grade propulsion units. “Our ATI70 produces 310 N of thrust and is in a full operational testing phase and progressing towards fullrate production,” said Cody Fogwell. Acutronic’s engines include all system components (fuel pumps, valves, ignition and so on) and have electric power generation and rectification options. “We also have turbogenerator systems in development,” he added. “They deliver electric power at a higher power-to-weight ratio than traditional diesel engines or battery packs. They are primarily bespoke solutions for specific customers but we’re developing offshoots for production as off-the-shelf systems. “The ATI70 has the same form factor as another of our professional engines but with 8% more thrust and 8% better fuel efficiency. We’ve gone with targeted aerodynamics upgrades, a new combustion system and improved electronics.” Further details about the ATI70 such as TBO and MTBF will be released in the future, pending additional testing. Acutronic also displayed its range of servo actuators, such as the R0900 Acuflex, a rotary actuator family set to feature closed-loop motor control. They are qualified to Mil-Std 810G for shock, vibration and other challenging mechanical environments as well as MilStd 461G for EMC and EMI tolerance. The actuators’ MTBF is above 25,000 hours. “All our control and depth health monitoring functions are designed inhouse from a clean sheet, and are again aimed at tactical-grade platforms,” Fogwell added. “The Acuflex family will feature CAN bus as a standard, but we’ll be able to customise the interface for different end-user requirements.” Infinite Composites displayed a unique new type of pressure vessel it said is ideal for applications such as hydrogen fuel storage. It is made from carbon August/September 2023 | Uncrewed Systems Technology Cleo Robotics’ Dronut X1 Pro UAV Acutronic’s turbine system