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Xponential 2023 | Show report “Recent tests show that the functions of our Visionairy AI perception software require only 40-50% of the total computational power, which means there is a large margin to run many more embedded AI applications on the same system.” Spleenlab is also partnering with companies including DroneUp, Quantum Systems, Apex.AI, Auterion and Blickfield, which are developing new hardware and software solutions that Spleenlab cites as ideal platforms for powering wider ranges of AI functions. Visionairy can be used on autonomous aircraft or road vehicles for visual navigation, sensor fusion, 3D SLAM and functional safety,” Hartmann said. “For UAVs in particular it can enable gimbal tracking of moving targets under severe environmental conditions, realtime inspection analytics or safe flights without needing GNSS.” Autonodyne attended the expo to discuss the latest capabilities of its GCS software, developed to enable control of different autonomous vehicles simultaneously across varying domains by a single operator and console. “Our solution allows an operator to draw a circle around five to 20 vehicles and give them a task to coordinate as a group, such as surveilling a target, rendering a building or following a vehicle,” explained Matthew Paddock. “We can also go into more complex automated operations, for instance having vehicles change over when their batteries are low, or autonomously reinforcing each other in risky situations.” The company focuses principally on software for GCSs rather than hardware. Its solutions can be run on Windows or Android devices, and are largely agnostic regarding computer hardware, data links and vehicle architectures. “We do go through an integration process with new vehicles though, and we’re compatible with most key BlueUAS systems such as those from Skydio, Vantage, the Ascent AeroSystems Spirit and the Harris HX6,” Paddock added. “At the larger end, we’ve flown General 81 Uncrewed Systems Technology | August/September 2023 Around 7000 professionals engaged with Xponential 2023’s conference programme, and international attendance increased by 65% compared with 2022 figures (Courtesy of AUVSI) Autonodyne doing a four-ship multi-video view shown on a UXV Technologies Navigator GCS