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Fizoptika Smallest fiber optic gyros Miniature FOG-Based IMUs Fizoptika Malta https://fizoptika.com/ ONBOARD VIDEO PROCESSING SightLine's Software and Hardware flexibility provides tailorable, powerful solutions. Tracking Market-leading Tracker. Low-latency telemetry data for fast gimbal pointing. Detection Real-time algorithms provide important situational awareness. Aids in tracker initialization. Al/ML Classifier Classify detections in real-time. Trained models available for drone and vehicle/person. SightLine Applications Additional Software features available. Contact us: info@sightlineapplications.com Rhotheta Track locate rescue Rhotheta Radio Direction Finder For search-and-rescue, public safety and surveillance RT 600 UAV Agnostic direction finder Track ELTS, PLBS, EPIRBS V-UHF 118 to 470 MHz AM, FM, PM, COSPAS-SARSAT •RT-600 "Light" just 2.85 lbs. • DF Control Software solutions UAV Ground control station DF Data + Voice Serial/IP Converter Radio link Serial/IP Converter Radio link RS485 DF Data + Voice RT-600 Coming soon RT-700 a plug & play solution for UAVs RHOTHETA International Inc Certified ISO 9001:2015 Company GSA Schedule Contract# 47QSWA22D000U +1(954)495-8700 rhothetaint.com/airborne SMALLEST FIBER OPTIC GYROS FOG-BASED IMUs MINIATURE