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64 Amid discussions of safety and related certifications in the halls of UAV conferences (and this issue of our publication), the fact is that UAVs are inherently more applicable to extreme environments and potentially dangerous missions than crewed aircraft, by virtue of keeping pilots away from harm. As a result, even though most UAVs are uncertified, more and more of their designs and testing programmes are geared towards using them in risky operations. And given the absence of human pilots on board, UAVs can be designed with configurations or subsystems that would be unconventional or even impractical for crewed aircraft, in order to achieve greater operating efficiency without skimping on safety. Emergency medical services In June 2023, Dufour Aerospace for instance unveiled the final design of its Aero2 UAV which, like DARcorporation’s Mavrik demonstrator (see page 74), is built around a tilting wing mechanism, similar to the NASA GL-10 Greased Lightning project from 2014-2015. Dufour anticipates the Aero2 to be used for emergency medical deliveries and search & rescue applications, as well as more standard freight deliveries and high-resolution remote sensing. For search & rescue missions, gimbals and equipment such as inflatable life rafts or aid pallets can be mounted on the UAV’s underbelly between its skids, preventing it from having to land at, say, the site of a natural disaster. “The Aero2 is able to transport 40 kg [88 lb] over 400 km [215 nautical miles],” said Simon Bendrey, head of design at Dufour Aerospace. “The structure and systems have to be safe and aerodynamically efficient, and delivering this is not easy.” The Aero2 can integrate range extenders into its electric powertrain, Keeping aircrew out of harm’s way during dangerous missions is a key advantage for UAVs. Rory Jackson reports on some of the latest offerings Risky business August/September 2023 | Uncrewed Systems Technology The hybrid-powered tilt-wing Aero2 is intended for urgent medical deliveries and search & rescue operations (Courtesy of Dufour Aerospace)