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Carlisle Interconnect Technologies Taking aircraft electrification to a whole new level Simplify & Accelerate your product development with our: Custom interconnect solutions broad portfolio of products built to meet exacting requirements Engineering expertise End-to-end soltutions FAA & EASA Certification consulting Global manufacturing capabilities local project management design, build, text and certify Carlisle Direct Scan to see items in stock Aam eVTOL All-electric more-electric CarlisleIT.com Cobra Aero A99H Long Range Heavy fuel propulsion system Designed and developed to aero- space standards Power: 6.5 kW (8.7 HP) at 7000 RPM Starting Heat: 110 Watts for 10 min 460 g/kW-hr (0.83 lb/hp-hr) cruise VP P4F heavy fuel or VP C9 50:1 premix, JP5, JP8 Low acoustic signature 500W 3-phase generator output Power4Flight IntelliJect EFI system Telemetry and control over Serial or CAN Isolation mount included Liquid cooled with active temp control Quickly integrate into any airframe For more information visit: cpbra-aero.com/A99H Cobra Aero info@cobraaero.com (517) 437-9100 SubCtech GmbH www.subctech.com info@subctech.com Li-Ion Batteries Li-Ion Ocean Power Vehicle Charger & Batteries 6x1 MWh Energy Storage System Li-Ion PowerPack™ - Underwater Power Solutions Highly reliable, efficient and safe Li-Ion batteries AC+DC Made for harsh offshore and subsea conditions such as offshore energy, scientific and AUV or ROV equipment API17F certified All-Electric