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Enable previously impossible applications – your business is no longer constrained by flight time. Unlock BVLOS operations – BVLOS makes sense with the range provided by fuel cells. Increase operational efficiency – spend more time in the air and achieve more. IE-SOAR™ fuel cell systems replace your battery and unlock long endurance flight. Fuel cells vs. batteries • Increased flight time. • Fast refuelling. • Built in power system redundancy. Get in touch today to find out how your applications can benefit from our zero-emission fuel cells www.intelligent-energy.com · +44 (0)1509 271271 · sales@intelligent-energy.com Fuel cells vs. internal combustion engines • Clean & zero-emission. • Near silent & vibration free. • Reduced maintenance & no moving parts. USA Provider of Suter Propulsion Solutions as well as other UAV solutions • Up to 17.6 kW (24 HP) • 11.6 kg (25.6 lbs) turn-key ready • 1 kW & 2 kW starter/generator options • Volz throttle servo Website: www.suter-aviation.ch Phone: +49 172 900 2619 Email: info@cae-engines.com Website: www.uavpropulsiontech.com Phone: +1 (810) 441-1457 Email: bob@uavpropulsiontech.com THE SUTER TOA 288 ENGINE AS FEATURED IN UST32 • EFI gasoline – heavy fuel coming soon • Flying on several global UAV applications • 500 hr TBO / passed FAR33.49 • USA overhaul capability in place • Water cooled variant available