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Infineon Technologies has qualified its ferroelectric memories for more reliable data logging (writes Nick Flaherty). The 1 Mbit and 4 Mbit FRAM memory devices have zero delay on the data write process so that system data can be captured and recorded up to the last instant before an accident or a userdefined trigger event. Both use the serial (SPI/QSPI) interface, have low power consumption that comes with using FRAM and operate from 1.8 to 3.6 V in a standard 8-pin SOIC package. FRAM memory has an endurance of 10 trillion read/write cycles to support data logging at 10 µs intervals through a 50 MHz SPI serial interface. 108 MHz operation will be supported in QSPI mode in future devices. The devices are also designed to retain data for over 20 years of operation and for more than 100 years after loss of power, making them suitable for rugged applications. Bpth comply with the AEC-Q100 Grade 1 automotive qualification, which supports data storage in autonomous systems with an extended temperature range of -40 to +125 oC. “Data logging requirements are growing rapidly in automotive systems, as trends toward the broader use of electronic systems and industry regulations have encouraged the use of high-reliability non-volatile memories in airbag safety systems, along with engine control and battery management systems,” said Ramesh Chettuvetty, vice-president RAM Solutions at Infineon. Memory Chips have long memory Infineon’s FRAM chips are designed to retain data for more than 20 years Harwin’s connector products are proven to perform in extreme conditions, with shock, vibration and temperature range rigorously tested. WITH OUR QUALITY, SERVICE, SUPPORT, AND HIGHLY RELIABLE PRODUCTS, YOU CAN DEPEND ON HARWIN. CONNECT TECHNOLOGY WITH CONFIDENCE // WWW.HARWIN.COM Harwin UAV Uncrewed Systems July 23.indd 1 17/07/2023 07:55