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T-Motor T-Motor the safe propulsion system Power Makes your exploration www.tmotor.com Platform one Two reconfigurable serial transceivers have been developed to reduce the complexity of control systems (writes Nick Flaherty). The THCS253 and THCS254, developed by THine Electronics in Japan, can serialise different types of signals and allow users to add additional sensor functions to systems by changing only the setting of registers in the controller. For example, the THCS253 can serialise sensing signals using 32 general-purpose IO (GPIO) interfaces into two differential signals that can reduce the number of cables and connectors by up to 88%. This reduces the size and weight of uncrewed systems, and cuts the EMI from many cables. It also boosts quality in manufacturing by simplifying assemblies that would otherwise require many cable interconnections. The transceivers enable systems to be expanded without extensive redesigns. Developers can set 32 GPIO pins on the THCS253 or 20 pins on the THCS254 as the intended signals. The devices also support up to two systems of I2C interconnection, in addition to supporting independent clock signals from the main system board and sensor subsystems. This allows AI-enabled sensing systems to use independent clock signals in the AI processing and sensing boards. Control systems Control complexity cut The transceivers can reduce the number of control system cables and connectors by up to 88% POWER MAKES YOUR EXPLORATION www.tmotor.com