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MKS Servos Zeus Unmanned Vehicle Servo ESD Certified EN 6100-4-2 IP67 Ingress Protection Hall effect sensor Dual CAN version Z1500 30.2 x 14.6 x 29.4 mm Z1500H 30.2 x 14.6 x 29.4 mm Z1538 38 x 15 x 43 mm Rated / Operating Voltage 12V/7.0V ~ 15V DC Volts Stall Torque 20 (kg-cm) No load Speed 0.18 (sec/60°) Working Temperature -40°C ~ +70°C Teeth/Diameter 24T/Ø 4.9mm Traveling Angle 120±0.5° (Z1538) 90° ±0.5* (Z1500/Z150 Control System Signal PWM, DroneCAN (UAVCAN V.0) Monitoring Function: (Only by UAVCAN) 1. Voltage Feedback 2. Current Feedback 3. Temperature Feedback 4. Angular position Feedback MKS Americas www.MKSservosUSA.com sales@MKSservosUSA.com +1 832-827-2371 Agent for Mark Star Servo tech AM Series: Ruggedized Servo Cylinder ultramotion.com +1-631-298-9179 contact@ultramotion.com Cutchogue, New York, USA A1 Series: Standard Servo Cylinder A2 Series: Industrial Servo Cylinder AU Series: Subsea Servo Cylinder BLDC control electronics and High Performance Linear Servo Actuator Lightweight, high power density contactless absolute feedback built-in Control via CAN, RS-422 serial, digital signals, and more Ideal for harsh shock and vibration environments in the aerospace and defense industries Swashplates, UAV control surfaces, thrust vector control (TVC), UGV brakes / transmissions, etc. MINIATURE HALL EFFECT THUMB JOYSTICKS & THUMBWHEELS WWW.RUFFYCONTROLS.COM Ruffy Controls is a market leading manufacturer of Hall effect joysticks for unmanned systems. Product range includes two axis joysticks and one axis thumbwheels. MSA Series • One axis Hall effect micro device • IP67 above panel sealing • Available with single or dual outputs TS2 Series • Industry’s smallest Hall effect joystick • ½” diameter body • IP67 above panel sealed TS1 Series • Two axis Hall effect joystick • Industry common mounting pattern • Tight return to center: +/-50mV SAT Series • One axis Hall effect joystick • IP67 above panel sealing • Rated for over 2.5m lifecycles