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76 D espite the slow lifting of international travel restrictions over the past 2 years, CES remains the biggest show for many tech companies worldwide, particularly those working towards the next generation of autonomous and robotic systems. The 2023 edition of CES hosted more than 115,000 industry professionals and 3200 exhibitors, with many showcasing fascinating new solutions for uncrewed perception, navigation, transportation, delivery and more. Imagry has made available its 100 Gbyte data set of annotated continuous VIS (visible imaging sensor) camera images. They are intended for engineering and machine learning students and entrepreneurs developing new autonomous driving and robotics applications, to test them against real-life scenarios. Developers will be able to download Imagry’s full sequence, time-based road perception data collected over the past 4 years on roads in the US, Germany and Israel, as annotated by the company to provide detailed top-down maps. The data has resulted in an extensive visual library of driving situations, which is also set to provide a basis for the Imagry AI platform scheduled to power two autonomous shuttles on public roads later this year. The first of these started service at Israel’s largest medical centre in Israel this January, while the second is to be deployed several months later in the city of Nahariya as part of a public bus line. Both are to be managed by local public transportation operator Nateev Express. In addition to the company’s map data set, the neural network-based nature of Imagry’s perception and navigation Rory Jackson picks out some of the key products aimed at the general public that were on display at this year’s show Public domain One of the autonomous shuttles to be powered by Imagry’s AI platform on public roads later this year February/March 2023 | Uncrewed Systems Technology More than 115,000 people and 3200 exhibitors attended CES this year to discuss new solutions for a wide range of industries