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64 Insight | UUVs With an eye towards longer ranges, higher data rates and reliability in underwater comms, Subnero has optimised its acoustic modems first to bemore robust and reliable than existing systems, and then to be tailored for wherever different end- users’ priorities lie in the trade-offs that are unavoidablewhen trying to communicate acoustically underwater. “That’s important, because underwater you have many different and dynamic environments, and each UUV vendor must be prepared for multiple CONOPs,” Ignatius adds. While every UUV manufacturer and operator would derive some use from live telemetry and command updates these acoustic modems could offer, Ignatius notes that there is a new and growing generation of ‘hovering UUVs’ (HUAVs) that are similar in dynamics and thrust layout to ROVs, but without tethers. These navigate autonomously, in much the same way as conventional torpedo-shaped AUVs, but they also tend to perform point inspections while hovering about critical infrastructure. These inspections can then warrant either immediate feedback or even teleoperation of sensors or manipulator arms by a human in the loop to fix an imminent area of concern. Subnero’s modems are accordingly garnering attention fromparties interested in installing themas permanent comms relay networks on infrastructure such as wind farms, oil rigs and subsea cables. “There are a few we can name who we’re now working with to that end,” Ignatius says. “One is Nauticus Robotics [formerly known as Houston Mechatronics], who selected us as the comms provider for their Aquanaut.” TheAquanaut is a 4.4m-longUUV that cruises in a torpedo shape for transit and survey patterns, but also transforms into an interventionmode inwhich it deploys two electricmanipulator arms, which are stowed inside a hatch at the front when not in use. The arms can use grippers, cleaners or other tools for manipulating underwater assets such as energy or telecoms installations. Ignatius adds that Subnero is also working with a fellow Singaporean company BeeX Autonomous Systems, whose A.IKANBILIS HAUV we featured in our previous issue ( UST 47, December 2022/January 2023) regarding its wind farm inspections. “Our software is flexible and configurable, andmarine roboticsOEMs can easily February/March 2023 | Uncrewed Systems Technology BeeX’s A.IKANBILIS HAUV is also using Subnero’s acoustic modems to help with its underwater inspection work (Courtesy of Subnero) One company we are working with on permanent comms relay networks on wind farms, oil rigs and so on is Nauticus Robotics and its Aquanaut