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3 December/January 2023 | Contents Uncrewed Systems Technology | December/January 2023 04 Intro NASA’s latest mission to the Moon highlights the use of uncrewed systems to test out technologies before risking a human crew 06 Platform one: Mission-critical info UAV sees through walls and exploits a wi-fi loophole, new AI system ranks alongside human car drivers, autonomous robotic dog for surveying construction sites, and much more 20 In conversation: Ben Kinnaman The CEO of Greensea Systems talks to us about the architecture of the company’s OpenSea offshore robotics platform 24 Dossier: Aergility ATLIS Design a VTOL system that’s simpler and safer than a helicopter, yet more efficient than an autogyro, and this is one result 38 Focus: AI Using neural networks for image processing comes down to training and inference. We explain how they are carried out 48 Digest: Clevon 1 The development story behind this UGV, which has been designed and optimised for last-mile deliveries of parcels 56 Insight: Geospatial surveys New uncrewed systems are proving to be superior to crewed vehicles for geospatial work, making them the go-to choice 66 Show report: Intergeo 2022 Our selection of the uncrewed technology and product highlights at this year’s geospatial survey and mapping show 76 Show report: AUSA 2022 Some of the key offerings for military applications unveiled at this annual Association of the US Army exhibition 78 Dossier: Infinity fuel cells The need to vent a fuel cell’s waste water to the ambient air makes the technology unsuitable for underwater and space applications, but this company has found an answer to that 90 In operation: BeeX A.IKANBILIS How this multi-thruster hovering AUV, and a technology called adaptive autonomy, is proving ideal for windfarm inspections 98 Focus: Propellers Uncrewed systems builders want propellers with more thrust and longer lifespans, prompting a range of innovations by suppliers 108 Digest: Phoenix Wings Orca How this cargo-carrying UAV has been designed in-house to maximise its range, number of deliveries – and profit 114 PS: Seabed ‘harvesting’ robots In the search for valuable metal ores, mining companies are turning to the ocean floor. Here’s one eco-friendly approach 48 20 56 90 108