Uncrewed Systems Technology 046

YellowScan Versatility at its finest. A one-of-a-kind laser scanner The YellowScan Explorer is a LiDAR system that can be mounted on light manned aircraft or UAV platforms. Learn more on our website yellowscan-lidar.com Rotron Rotary Engines MISSION-PROVEN INTEGRATED SOLUTION World’s First MAA Certified VTOL UAV Engine System ROTRON ADVANCED ROTARY ENGINE TECHNOLOGY LEARN MORE AT ROTRONPOWER.COM OR CALL US ON +44 (0)1747 440 510 CONNECTWITHUS /COMPANY/ROTRON-POWER Rotron rotary engines reflect an entirely different approach to fully-integrated propulsion systems, by redefining the relationship between size, performance, efficiency and reliability in an ultra-low vibration power unit. RT600XE Rotary Engine System includes - engine core, exhaust system (98Db), fuel system (twin pump with redundant control), oil supply system, cooling system inc water, ECU (governor mode with servo driven throttle), 1400W 24V power (twin regulators), wiring loom and drive clutch. Rotron offers a complete range of engines, from 50hp to 200hp designed for both fixed wing and VTOL applications. Integrated solutions for hybrid-electric power generation also available to order - Enquire for details. Fuel Type Gasoline / AvGas (Standard) JetA / JP8 / JP5 (Integrated) APPPROVED SUPPLIER TO Max Peak Power 60hp / 100hp Installed Weight 41kg (90.4lbs) Noise Emission 98Db Innovative Joysticks SG Series • 2 Axis Hand Grip • Optional 3rd Axis in Handle Top • Optional Operator Presence Switch • Redundant Hall Effect Sensors • Variety of Handle Options • IP67 Sealed Above Panel HE3 Series • Redundant Sensor • IP67 Sealed Hall Effect • Dual Independent Electrical Outlets per Axis • Stainless Steel Shaft • Pre-Programmed Proportional Analog Output • 1, 2 or 3 Axis Configurations • Cable Included with Mating Connector & Pigtail Wires TS2 Series • Micro Two Axis Controller • 2.5 Million Life Cycles • < 3/4 " Above Panel Height World class products, exceptional customer service 3258 GREY HAWK CT., CARLSBAD, CA 92010 442-244-0673 WWW.RUFFYCONTROLS.COM Order direct from our website