Uncrewed Systems Technology 046

Mejzlik Propellers solution for your UAV and UAM projects Simulation Manufacturing Testing Certification www.mejzlik.eu HFE International Line Replaceable Unit (LRU) DA 70 GenPod GenPod Quick Mount Interface EFI System Spinner & Propellor Vibration Isolation Silent Mufflers Starter & 500W Alternator Fuel Pump, Ignition, ECM Integrated HFE International hfeinternational.com (520)578-0818 contactus@hfeinternational.com Join us at INTERGEO 2022 in Essen, Germany - Hall 1 B1.020 tallymatics.com F9x receiver family Supports SPARTN L-Band corrections PointPerfect + PPP-RTK and RTK augmentation Dead reckoning (IMU) Accutenna® technology Multi-constellation and multi-signal support Mitigates out-of-band interference Excellent multipath rejection IP69K waterproofing wow! Tallymatics integrates Tallysman antennas, a u-blox F9x GNSS receiver and the PointPerfect augmentation service into the TW5390 multi-constellation and multi-band smart GNSS antenna. Simulation Manufacturing Testing Certification EU Propel ers solution for your UAV and UAM projects www.mejzlik.eu