Uncrewed Systems Technology 046

66 Report | CUAV Expo Americas 2022 “We also demonstrated a new device called the Lifeseeker earlier this week, which is a small cellular repeater to allow search & rescue authorities to identify and find victims lost in remote regions via their cell phones.” The system runs on HV batteries (4.35 V per cell) with larger nacelles than traditional airframes for storing packs close to the electric lift motors. Up to 4.5 kg of payload or additional batteries can be carried, and its maximum onboard energy capacity is 32 Ah. “As well as having the body blended with the 4.5 m wingspan for better aerodynamics during take-off, there’s a slight cant to the lift motors that further helps with aero and stability during launch and cruise,” Daub added. Skyfish, a US-based producer of multi-rotor UAVs and 3D photogrammetry software, discussed its M4 and M6 aircraft with us, which it had on display at the show. “The M4 is our quadcopter solution for high-level, engineering-grade 3D mapping and modelling,” said Joey Libin. “While other systems can carry the Sony A7R IV camera, we worked closely with Sony to integrate that along with full control of it in our Windows-based C1 remote controller GCS. “The M6 meanwhile is our hexacopter, which can carry about 5.4 kg compared with the M4’s 2.7 kg. They both integrate the HD Sony camera, but the M6 gives the option of carrying an additional Lidar, thermal or gas sensor. We can integrate a wide range of systems using MAVLink or open source protocols. “We also have RTK capabilities on both aircraft, which can use wi-fi hotspots to gain a remote correction source, or an RTK base station supplied by us can be placed at job sites for a shorter baseline.” In addition to in-house flight computer and software development, the company offers cloud processing of data through Skyportal, which takes the collected UAV data (aerial images) and processes them into very high resolution 3D models. These display granular details of inspected targets, such as individual threads on bolts, cotter pins and pipe thicknesses. October/November 2022 | Uncrewed Systems Technology The Commaris Seeker is designed for mapping, surveys and surveillance Skyfish’s M4 (top left), C1 GCS (top middle), M6 (top right) and Skyportal, with a 3D model of a cell-tower’s pipes (bottom)