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Magcad Propeller development Customer project to optimise a VTOL Recalculation and design of a new propeller for low and high altitude Design for performance / flight time optimisation Summary: - static trust improvement more than 7% - noise emission down up to 5 dB(a) - weight down approx. 20% - folding carbon propeller MAGCAD 24,5x9 inch highest performance lowest weight comparative measurements of powertrains more than 40 years experience +49 40 500 167 83 Magcad.de info@magcad.de On Land. At Sea. In Flight. 2023 UK £ media kit Fact not fiction. UST 44 : JUNE/JULY 2022 UK £15,USA$30,EUROPE e 22 Sensor sensibility Focus on new Lidar sensor designs Linked in Tailoring connectors to specific vehi cles Range r ove How Xer Technologies’ X1 2 and X8 ble battery power with gasol ine range exte Read all back issues online www.ust-media.com UST 43 :APRIL/MAY 2022 UK £15,USA$30,EUROPE e 22 Which way to go? The choice between wired and wirele ss charging Software updates How ECUs are keeping up with new powertrain trends Public intere st Auve Tech’s development of its Iseauto Level 4 taxi Read all back issues online www.ust-media.com UST 45 :AUG/SEP 2022 UK £15,USA$30,EUROPE e 22 Working watchdogs Focus on performance monitoring All about the image The growing size and sophistication of gimbals Double duty How the TideWise Tupan teams a USV with a UAV or ROV to inspect offshore equipment 2023 media kit out now… To register your interest in advertising, please contact: Freya Williams | Business Development Manager E: freya@ust-media.com | T: +44 (0) 1934 352747 Energy Drone & Robotics Summit Monday 12 June – Wednesday 14 June Texas, USA www.edrcoalition.com Paris Air Show Monday 19 June – Sunday 25 June Paris, France www.siae.fr/en Japan Drone Monday 26 June – Wednesday 28 June Tokyo, Japan www.ssl.japan-drone.com Drone International Expo Wednesday 26 July – Thursday 27 July New Delhi, India www.droneinternationalexpo.com Commercial UAV Expo Americas Tuesday 5 September – Thursday 7 September Las Vegas, USA www.expouav.com DSEI Tuesday 12 September – Friday 15 September London, UK www.dsei.co.uk DroneX Tuesday 26 September – Wednesday 27 September London, UK www.dronexpo.co.uk AUSA Monday 9 October – Wednesday 11 October Washington DC, USA www.meetings.ausa.org/annual Egypt Defence Expo Monday 4 December – Thursday 7 December New Cairo, Egypt www.egyptdefenceexpo.com AZ_Ma gcad_92,5x136_7.10.22.indd 1 07.10.22 13:13 www.ust-media.com www.ust-media.com Contentoverview Readership UncrewedSystems Technology was launched in 2014 byHigh PowerMedia. It’s the first ever publication to focus entirely on providing independent coverage of the engineering of uncrewed systems. Published bi-monthly, this technical resource probes the cutting- edge projects of today to provide in- depth research insights, using rigorous investigation backed by professional peer review and critical analysis. In order to seizemore than your fair share of the fresh opportunities being created in this exciting sphere, ensure that UncrewedSystems Technology is part of yourmarketing plan. PlatformOne In each issue the news section is focused on technological development.Business and politics are only covered in so far as they impact directly on engineering solutions. From the outset the publication has dealt in hard science. UncrewedSystems Insights Insights reveal the latest technological advances across all uncrewed vehicle platforms, aswell as a number of specific industry applications.UAVs,UGVs, UUVs,USVs andUncrewedSpace Vehicleswill all take their place in the spotlight, aswell as sectors utilising this burgeoning technology includingMining,Agriculture, Surveillance, Inspection, Transportation&Security applications.Our technical resource provides invaluable knowledge for engineers. UncrewedVehicleDossiers&Digests Each issue contains at least onemain dossier and one digest offering offering an incredibly detailed look at a high profile uncrewed vehicle project, revealingmany secrets of the technology that are simply not reported anywhere else. PowerplantDossiers Theworld of uncrewed systems has created new requirements for small internal combustion engines and electricmotors, to the extent that currently there is far from agreement as to themost appropriate technical solution. A host of different approaches are being exploited, fromWankel rotary to reciprocating, from battery electric to fuel cell and allmanner of hybrids. Each issue’s powerplant dossiers explores in depth one of the diverse innovative power units at the forefront of today’s uncrewed revolution. Focuson… Revisited just once every 3 years the focus acts as an excellent source of reference on specific products and types of engineering service – topics covered include: • 5GRadio •Additive LayerManufacturing •AdvancedMaterials •Ancillary EngineSystems •Antenna •Artificial Intelligence (AI) •Autopilots •Batteries •CableHarnesses •Composites •Connectors •DataStorage •DesignSoftware • ElectricMotors • EmbeddedComputing • EngineControlUnits • FuelCells •Gimbals •GroundControlSystems • Image sensing • IMUs,Gyros&Accelerometers • LaunchSystems • LiDaR •Machine Learning •Maintenance •MotionControl •MotorControllers •NavigationSystem • Parachutes • PerformanceMonitoring • Personal InformationSystems • PowerManagementSystems • Propellers •Radio Links& Telemetry •Real TimeOperatingSystems •Sense&Avoid /Radar •ServoActuators •Simulation& Testing •Solar Power •Sonar&AcousticSystems • Thermal sensors • Video Encoding UncrewedSystems Technology magazine is readboth inprint and online by engineers around theworld actively By country working ondevelopingWedistribute to technological solutions for uncrewed vehicles and the systems that support them. Where in theworld •Argentina •Australia •Austria •Azerbaijan •Bahrain •Belgium •Brazil •Bulgaria •Canada •Chile •China •Colombia •Croatia •Cyprus •CzechRepublic •Denmark • Ecuador • Egypt • Estonia • Finland • France •Germany •Greece •HongKong •Hungary • Iceland • India • Indonesia • Ireland • Israel • Italy • Japan • Jordan •Kuwait • Latvia • Lebanon • Lithuania • Luxembourg •Malaysia •Mexico •Monaco •Nepal •New Zealand •Nigeria •Norway • Pakistan • Peru • Philippines • Poland • Portugal •Romania •SaudiArabia •Singapore •Slovakia •Slovenia •SouthAfrica •SouthKorea •Spain •Sweden •Switzerland • Taiwan • Tanzania • Thailand • TheNetherlands • Tunisia • Turkey •UAE •UK •Ukraine •USA • Vietnam USA UK RestofEurope RestofWorld 48% 17% 19% 16% Print readership 6,000 individuallymailed copies, shared by 3 readers on average Online readership Unique, returning users over the last 12months Circulation 18,000 25,000 • Chief /Head / Lead / Principal Engineer (UAV,UGV,USV,UUV) • Aerospace Engineer •Airworthiness Engineer • Autonomous Systems Engineer •Chief Scientist • Development Engineer •Director ofDesign • ElectronicDesign Engineer • Embedded Software Engineer • Hardware Engineer •Head of Innovation • LeadRobotics Engineer • MaterialsManager •Mechatronics Engineer •Mechanical Engineer • ProgramManager •Project Engineer •R&D Engineer •Robotics •Researcher •Research Scientist •SeniorUAV Technician • SoftwareDeveloper •System Integration Engineer • TechnologyResearcher •UAS LogisticsAnalyst •UAV /UASOperator •UAV /UAS Pilot •UV Specialist Forward features Scheduleoverview Issue47 | December/January 2023 Issue51 | August/September 2023 Issue48 | February/March 2023 Issue52 | October/November 2023 TECHNOLOGYFOCUS: Video systems Video is a key capability for uncrewed systems, andwewillbe looking at thewide range of technologies available for video capture,processing and transmission, and the optimisations across the signal change that allow formore efficient operation. PRODUCTFOCUS: GNSS GNSS receivers todaymust be designed for compatibility with awider array of global satellite constellations, intelligent functionalities, and reliability benchmarks than ever before.We will look into the various proficiencies and techniques thatGNSS companies are honing to ensure persistently pinpoint-accurate navigation for uncrewed systems engineers. INSIGHT: UncrewedSpaceVehicles TECHNOLOGYFOCUS: AdditiveManufacturing The ability toproduce unique shapesgivesdevelopers of uncrewed systemsmanymoredesign options. This article will look at the latest 3Dprinting technologies and additive manufacturingprocesses andmaterials, frommetals to carbon fibre, for use inUAVs and space systems. PRODUCTFOCUS: Ancillary engine systems Enginemanufacturers are developing greener,more environmentally-friendly power, and leveraging new advancements in fuel injection, alternators, exhaust systems and muchmore.Wewill look into the choices for fuel efficiency that pave theway for cleaner hybrid powertrains on air, land and sea. INSIGHT: UncrewedSurfaceVehicles TECHNOLOGYFOCUS: Image sensors Wewill look at the latestdevelopments in image sensor technology, from sensor optimisation fordriverless cars to the new generation of hyperspectral sensors. The articlewill also look at the increasing use of stackedprocessing to reduce the size and weight of sensors as theyget largerwith higher resolution. PRODUCTFOCUS: Sonar As environmental, industrial andmilitary assetsproliferate throughout oceans and rivers alike, sonar technologies forUUVs andUSVs arebeing innovated faster than ever.Wewill investigate some of the latest such systems for 3Dmapping, structural inspections, sense-and-avoid, andmorebeneath thewaves. INSIGHT: UncrewedGroundVehicles TECHNOLOGYFOCUS: Artificial intelligence Development of uncrewed systems today needs highly optimised hardware to run neural networks and rule-basedpoliciesmore efficiently, aswell as tools fordeveloping and verifying the safety ofAI systems.Wewill look at these aswell as othermachine learning techniques formonitoring andpredictivemaintenance. PRODUCTFOCUS: Propellers UAVs carry heavierweights than everbefore, and increasingly fly at higher altitudes and over longerdistances. The latestmaterial choices, coatings,blade shapes, andpitch variationmethods from lab toproduction linemust accordinglybe explored indetail. INSIGHT: Geospatial survey TECHNOLOGYFOCUS: Powermanagement Squeezing themaximumperformance out of abatterypack safely is a key requirement formany uncrewed systems. This articlewill look at the latest technologies forpowermanagement toprovide themost effectivemonitoring andpowerdelivery systems. PRODUCTFOCUS: Servos As autonomous vehiclespull heavier loads and forces, servo actuatorsmustbemade evermorepowerful and reliable to shift rudders, ailerons, robotic arms, and engine throttles as necessary for all sorts ofmissions. This featurewill investigate the latest designs and advancements in suchproducts. INSIGHT: UncrewedAerialVehicles TECHNOLOGYFOCUS: 5G This articlewill look at the latest 5G technology,particularly for private networks and standalone (NewRadio) chipsets, and its use in thedesign anddevelopment of communications systems ofUAVs,driverless cars and uncrewed shipping. PRODUCTFOCUS: Solarpower Solar cells are a lightweight, aerodynamicmeans for recharging batteries in autonomous vehicles. This featurewill examine the latest commercially-available solar technologies suitable for uncrewed systems engineers looking for a zero-emissions power boost. INSIGHT: UncrewedUnderwaterVehicles TECHNOLOGYFOCUS: Video encoding As sensorsprovide higher resolution images sowireless links requiremore robust, efficient encoding of video. This article looks at the latest video encoding technologies and standards and how these interactwith thewireless networks, fromdirect links to cellular and satellite systems. PRODUCTFOCUS: CableHarnesses With uncrewed anddriverless vehicles running on higher voltages than everbefore, and carryingdenser andmore sophisticated data and control networks, improvements in cableproductsgo a longway towardsweight saving, reliability, energy efficiency and more. This articlewill look into the latest such improvements. 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Space Permonth Top banner £1000 Middle banner £750 Bottom banner £500 Size: 970 x 250 px Resolution: 72DPI Colour: RGB File Limit: 2MB File Type: PNG/JPEG/GIF On Land. At Sea. In Flight. 2023 UK £ media kit Fact not fiction. Science not speculation. Read all back issues online www.ust-media.com UST 44 : JUNE/JULY 2022 UK £15,USA$30,EUROPE e 22 Sensor sensibility Focus on new Lidar sensor designs Linked in Tailoring connectors to specific vehicles Range rovers HowXer Technologies’X12 andX8 blend battery powerwith gasoline range extenders Read all back issues online www.ust-media.com UST 43 :APRIL/MAY 2022 UK £15,USA$30,EUROPE e 22 Whichway togo? The choice betweenwired andwireless charging Softwareupdates How ECUs are keeping upwith new powertrain trends Public interest Auve Tech’s development of its Iseauto Level 4 taxi Read all back issues online www.ust-media.com UST 45 :AUG/SEP 2022 UK £15,USA$30,EUROPE e 22 Workingwatchdogs Focus on performancemonitoring Allabout the image The growing size and sophistication of gimbals Double duty How the TideWise Tupan teams aUSV with aUAV orROV to inspect offshore equipment