Uncrewed Systems Technology 046

112 devices with a negative temperature coefficient, meaning their electrical resistance falls as their temperature rises. With between 12 and 24 thermistors in a string deployed vertically in the water column, the RBRconcerto Tx system for example can be set for sampling periods of between 3 seconds and 24 hours, and can resolve temperature changes as small as 0.00005 º C over a measurable range of -5 º C to +35 º C. Above-surface sensors include Lidars from Velodyne for high-resolution 3D imaging of structures in harbours and so on. While an increasing number of sensors come with integrated IMUs, the IM 3000 can be equipped with units from SBG Systems such as those from the Ekinox family, to provide a common stable reference for the whole sensor suite. Mission preparation Making the USV ready for a mission has been kept very simple, Manigot says. “We provide a full parameter checklist in order to prepare the mission, so just a few steps are needed – switch the power on, check the battery level and GNSS reception, perform a basic motor check, then download the mission path. With that done, the client can start a survey.” Missions are planned on widely used survey software, such as those from Beamworx and Hypack, and downloaded to the autopilot. Launch & recovery remain among the most challenging aspects of USV missions, Manigot notes, adding that the company has designed a dedicated trailer to make that operation easier and is working on an autonomous docking system to reduce workload further. For launch & recovery from ships at sea, the USV is fitted with a three-point lifting system that hooks up to a crane. So far, the IM 3000 has not been certified to any set of maritime October/November 2022 | Uncrewed Systems Technology We provide a full parameter checklist to prepare the mission, so just a few steps are needed before starting it Twin GPS/GNSS antennas are integrated with inertial sensors to provide precise positioning and orientation, as well as a stable reference for survey sensors (Courtesy of IM Solutions/Christophe Le Potier) Beamworx provides one of the survey software options for the IM 3000, and survey plans can be loaded directly into the autopilot (Courtesy of Beamworx)