Uncrewed Systems Technology 046

108 S ebastien Manigot, operations manager at USV developer IM Solutions, describes the company’s new Monodrone IM 3000 Mk2 as a gap- filler in its range of vessels, which also includes 1.3, 1.8 and 7 m craft. The rigid-hull boat was developed at the request of some of the company’s customers for a platform of intermediate size with good sea-keeping capabilities and a useful range and payload. The numbers that emerged from that requirement was a length of 3 m, the ability to operate in up to sea state 3, an endurance of 12 hours at survey speed and a payload of 65 kg, Manigot says. Shallow water missions Designed for operation in shallow water in coastal as well as open ocean areas, the electrically propelled IM 3000 is intended for a variety of survey missions, including bathymetry using a high-resolution multi-beam echo sounder (MBES), and debris surveys with interferometric sonars such as the Kongsberg 2040 and the EdgeTech 6205s. Manigot adds that the USV is also suitable for harbour monitoring tasks, as it can be equipped with a high- resolution camera or a Lidar on the bow, and water column analysis using a high-end acoustic Doppler current profiler. A winch with 100 m of cable supports water column analysis, sound Peter Donaldson reports on how a customer’s request for an intermediate-sized survey vessel prompted one developer to add this USV to its range Fitting right October/November 2022 | Uncrewed Systems Technology