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80 U LPower Aero Engines is a Belgian company best known for designing and supplying power units for a variety of light sport aircraft. Its inception can be traced back to 2001, when CEO Patrick Denorme and his engineers – who had been making rally cars – were first approached by a company requesting help with tuning an engine for a helicopter project. After that company stopped the project, Denorme and his team decided to restart it from scratch. They then updated the design and its features with more modern subsystems (for 2001’s aviation engines) such as EFI, direct propeller and generator drive, and management by ECU. The team’s experience with rally cars taught them to avoid overly complex designs and any parts that would be Moving from rally cars to uncrewed systems has led to this company producing a range of aero engines, the best-selling of which Rory Jackson investigates here From race crew to no crew August/September 2022 | Uncrewed Systems Technology The UL350 is ULPower’s best-selling UAV engine. It is a spark- ignited four-stroke displacing 3503 cc that produces 86.8 kW in its standard configuration (Images courtesy of ULPower)