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58 I n the 8 eight years since we began reporting on UAV developments, we have seen the technology evolve into dozens of different classes and types of craft for gathering data, logistics missions, emergency services and much more. It is a diversity that must overwhelm a newcomer to the industry – even two craft of the same size and weight can look strikingly different from one another for practical reasons. To illustrate the breadth of systems that must be considered when researching and evaluating the state of the industry and the options available, we have spoken with a range of companies to examine the differences in UAV architectures. Cinematography Almost any professional aerial footage (as well as a lot of high-speed terrestrial footage) in movie and television productions nowadays was probably filmed using equipment from Freefly Systems. Since its founding in 2011, the US company has worked on advancing solutions for quality cinematography As the diversity of UAV types continues to grow, Rory Jackson quizzes developers on their different approaches to design Multiple-choice questions August/September 2022 | Uncrewed Systems Technology Freefly Systems’ Astro has been designed as a more tightly integrated version of its well- known Alta X (Courtesy of Freefly Systems)