Issue 45 | Uncrewed Systems Technology Aug/Sept 2022 Tidewie USV Tupan | Performance monitoring | Bayonet 350 | UAVs insight | Xponential 2022 | ULPower UL350i and UL350iHPS | Elroy Air Chaparral | Gimbals | Clogworks Dark Matter

48 24 58 80 108 3 August/September 2022 | Contents Uncrewed Systems Technology | August/September 2022 04 Intro Despite the doomsayers, practical and commercial uncrewed systems are now rolling out in a variety of markets 06 Platform one: Mission-critical info Two-part radar architecture unveiled for all-weather sensors on UAVs, submarine designed with a skin of sensors, trans-Atlantic control of an inspection UAV, machine learning makes 3D mapping more cost-effective, tanker makes autonomous voyage from Texas to South Korea, and much more 20 In conversation: Kelvin Hamilton The CEO of Flare Bright explains how the company’s machine learning system optimises UAV safety and performance in a fraction of the time other approaches take 24 Dossier: TideWise USV Tupan We look at how this USV-UAV/ROV combination was developed for inspecting offshore energy facilities 38 Focus: Performance monitoring How technologies such as nanocarbon graphene platelets, solid-state sensors and machine learning are providing advances in how to monitor the performance of uncrewed systems 48 Digest: Bayonet 350 The development story behind this UGV, which has been designed to do the work of UAVs and AUVs in shallow waters 58 Insight: UAVs Developers tell us about their particular approaches to UAV design, and how that has led to a growing vehicle diversity 68 Show report: AUVSI Xponential 2022 The second part of our in-depth review of the latest systems and technologies on show at this pre-eminent event 80 Dossier: ULPower UL350i and UL350iHPS We investigate this company’s best-selling 350i and the novel forced-air cooling system on the 350iHPS 92 In operation: Elroy Air Chapparal Courier services providers are already eyeing this prototype hybrid-electric VTOL-transitioning UAV with interest. Here’s why 98 Focus: Gimbals Our update on the state of play in gimbals technologies, plus we point to some prospects for the future 108 Digest: Clogworks Dark Matter Designed for all-weather BVLOS missions, this hexacopter has recently been given an extensive update. Here are the details 114 PS: Visual navigation Why the task of providing uncrewed vehicles with reliable visual navigation is proving surprisingly difficult